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My Life Reports

Welcome to the first stage of your self-discovery journey: reviewing your own Life Report.

You can get a thorough analysis of your life that covers your genuine personality, your birth chart, the events that have already occurred in it, and what is likely to happen in the future through your Janampatri and Birthchart. Or you can get your Life Report related to any specific area of your life like Birthday, Relationships, Marriage, and Children.

The report will include a thorough study of your life’s various facets and turning points, as well as information on each planet in your chart, its position, and every significant planetary transit that occurred and will occur in the future, in the form of Current Transit Reports.

Discover all aspects of your life in this thorough life report. It also provides general life predictions, year projections for the present, career, and business predictions, wealth, property, Vastu, and various remedial solutions.