Sphatik Shivling

Sphatik Shivling

Sphatik Shivling
Authenticated by GaneshaSpeaks Team

Purpose Remove negativity and ill-health from your life, Provide peace of mind
Metal Type 100% Authentic Sphatik (Crystal) Shivling
Attuned Shivling for You We will provide energized and attuned shivling
Installation Process With Shivling We will provide clear instructions for 'Sthapan' (Installation)


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How is your guidance/ product helpful?

  • We will tell you how the positive energy field generated by it helps you improve your life.

  • You can Speak to our Astrologers before getting a Parad Shivling. The 100% reliable advice you will get from them will handle your problems in a better manner.

  • We will not only energize and attune the Parad Shivling before sending it to you but shall also give you clear directions on the installation of the Shivling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can place a Shivling at the place of worship, in your home.

Ideally, there should be only one Shivling in your home. Also, make sure that the Shivling you worship is not crippled or cracked.

A Shivling is suitable for everyone and all issues, and may be used without specific opinion. But, that's not to say that an expert opinion doesn't matter or is not needed. It is very IMPORTANT to get an expert opinion, before you get/ install a Shivling, especially if it is for specific purposes.

Yes, women can consecrate a Shivling. However, they are not supposed to touch it. Certain restrictions need to be followed. For more information, Talk to An Astrologer


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Payment methods

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Delivery in 72 hours
Delivery in 72 hours

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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