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Dear Devdutt, the answer to your question is- there is a strong chance of getting married between the 3rd of April 2024 and the 7th of March 2024. It is also the possibility of a love marriage, or it would be settled in a close circle of you or your family members. Probably you already met the person you will be going to get married to, as the current planet position is indicating. Planets are also indicating that you have some doubts in your mind regarding this person.

As regards your married life- as per your chart you will have an average married life that needs compromises from time to time. As your 7th lord, the lord of the house of marriage and married life is in the 6th house, the house of challenges, and the planet which represents the love prospects in your chart is also in Rahu's Nakshatra. So, you must start worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, not only for the settlement of your marriage but for the harmony in relations too.



The time is fine for your career till 12th August 2024. After that, there will be a little stress at your work front between 12th August and 15th October 2024 as the minor dasha and the transit of Ketu over your Moon is not an auspicious position to get positive results this time is of keeping patience. Don’t plan for any change during this time. You are advised to be polite with your subordinate and cooperate with them.


Financially the year would bring an unexpected gain, after October 2024, the Dasha, of course, is not in your favor, on the contrary, the transition of Rahu and Ketu want to give you a big opportunity of earning money as well to improve your comfort level either from your past investments or in gift from a maternal family member. You would enjoy some outings and make some expenditure to improve your comfort zone.

The issue of concern in your chart regarding your finances is despite having Gaja-Kesari, the Dhan yoga, the position of your 2nd lord, the lord of the house of wealth prospects is in the 12th house, the house of expenditure, and the position of Ketu in the 2nd house of your chart shows, you must focus on savings for a longer time as well in the stable subjects.


Health would be fine this year, but there may be some hectic schedules for working for longer or some travel may create tiredness. The position of Jupiter and the Moon in the 12th house of your chart is also indicating your liver issues, so you must not ignore your health and must focus on fresh and homemade food. If you have any family history, you should not ignore this.


It is a possibility that you may someone after 23rd April 2024. Your future partner will have an attractive personality and would be the blend of strong intellect and smooth emotions. He may go to any extent to fulfill your wishes but, he may be very possessive towards you too. You should keep in mind, that there is a hairline difference between care and a possessive attitude. This may create suffocation in your relationship at times but again he would accept his mistake done by him and feel sorry for it too, even after the different opinion of you and your partner. You should not forget to worship Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.


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Personalized Puja for you:

Further, we also recommend you to avail our Shukra Graha Puja Service which is very needed to balance the energy of planet Venus.


Shukra relates to everything that is for the purpose of providing luxury & comfort. Refined, artistic, elegant things, ornaments, jewelery, art, music are also governed by Venus. Venus is the primary planet which rules our relationships in all spheres of life. It also represents our ability to enjoy and be balanced. In Vedic astrology, Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and finances. Shukra Puja is one of the effective and easiest ways to strengthen Venus in your birth chart.

How it works ?

Shukra (Venus) Puja is performed with Shodashopachara steps along with chanting traditional Shukra Mantra 16000 times. Puja also involves the ""HOMA"" (Havan) ritual wherein, Ghee, Seasam, Barley, and other sacred material related to Lord Shukracharya (Venus) will be offered to Agni with reciting 1600 Mantras of Shukra. Yagya is a significant remedy to enhance the positive effect of the planet in our chart and get maximum positive results. Puja will be performed on the nearest best Muhurat i.e Friday or the day of ""Shukra Nakshatra"". To complete the Puja during the auspicious Muhurta, GaneshaSpeaks will appoint a team of 5 priests led by an Aacharya who are masters of the Vedic rituals.

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The Team

Birth Particulars
Gender Female Latitude 17N59
Birth Date 01 Jan 2012 Longitude 74E25
Birth Day Thursday Lagna Scorpio-8:45:46
Birth Time 18:15 hrs Aynamsh 23:36:28
Birth Place Phaltan Moon Sign Libra
Country India Birth Nakshatra Swati
Timezone 0530 hrs Nakshatra Pada 3
Avakhada Chakra (Your Birth Panchang)
Description: The table shown here contains various astrological terms which are obtained from your own Moon's position. Hence, this table is very useful in Vedic Astrology as it shows your own personalized information. This helps the native to determine the compatibility with others.
Birth Yog Paridh Birth Vasya Manav
Birth Karan Kaulav Birth Yoni Mahishi
Birth Varga Mrig Birth Gana Dev
Birth Varna Kshudra Birth Yunja Madhya
Birth Tatva Vayu Birth Nadi Antya
Ghaat Chakra
Description: As the name suggests, Ghaat literally means negative or inauspicious. This table shows your personalized negative phenomenon of Panchang in which you should take extra care and precaution. Plus, the suggested day, tithi, month, nakshatra etc... should also be avoided to initiate any new or auspicious work.
Month Magha Tithi Shuklatrayodashi
Day Thursday Nakshatra Satbhisha
Yog Shukla Karan Taitil
Prahar Forth MaleMoon Sagittarius
FemaleMoon Pisces
Lagna Kundali
Lagna Kundali
Nirayan Grah
Grah Rashi-Ansh Nakshatra-Pad Ra Swa Na Swa Awastha
Lagna Scorpio- 8:45:46 Anuradha -2 Mars Saturn Vruddha
Sun Taurus- 19:00:20 Rohini -3 Venus Moon Kumar
Moon Libra- 14:19:28 Swati -3 Venus Rahu Yuva
Mars Virgo- 09:45:30 Uttarafalguni -4 Mercury Sun Vruddha
Mercury Taurus- 16:25:00-C Rohini -2 Venus Moon Yuva
Jupiter Libra- 07:41:52 Swati -1 Venus Rahu Kumar
Venus Aries- 10:37:43 Ashwini -4 Mars Ketu Kumar
Saturn Virgo- 22:04:28 Hast -4 Mercury Moon Kumar
Rahu Ucchano Gemini- 21:27:07 Punarvasu -1 Mercury Jupiter Vruddha
Ketu Ucchano Sagittarius- 21:27:07 Purvashadha -3 Jupiter Venus Vruddha
Harshal Scorpio- 08:34:56 Anuradha -2 Mars Saturn Vruddha
Neptune Sagittarius- 02:25:28 Mool -1 Jupiter Ketu Balya
Pluto Libra- 00:46:00 Chitra -3 Venus Mars Balya

Moon Chart

Moon Chart


Navamsha Chart
Ashtakavarga Kundli
Ashtakavarga Kundli
Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardashas

Rahu (18y) Age -10

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Rahu 10 Feb 1972 21 Oct 1974
Jupiter 21 Oct 1974 14 Mar 1977
Saturn 14 Mar 1977 17 Jan 1980
Mercury 17 Jan 1980 04 Aug 1982
Ketu 04 Aug 1982 22 Aug 1983
Venus 22 Aug 1983 20 Aug 1986
Sun 20 Aug 1986 14 Jul 1987
Moon 14 Jul 1987 11 Jan 1989
Mars 11 Jan 1989 29 Jan 1990

Jupiter (16y) Age 7

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Jupiter 29 Jan 1990 17 Mar 1992
Saturn 17 Mar 1992 27 Sep 1994
Mercury 27 Sep 1994 01 Jan 1997
Ketu 01 Jan 1997 08 Dec 1997
Venus 08 Dec 1997 06 Aug 2000
Sun 06 Aug 2000 25 May 2001
Moon 25 May 2001 23 Sep 2002
Mars 23 Sep 2002 30 Aug 2003
Rahu 30 Aug 2003 21 Jan 2006

Saturn (19y) Age 23

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Saturn 21 Jan 2006 22 Jan 2009
Mercury 22 Jan 2009 30 Sep 2011
Ketu 30 Sep 2011 07 Nov 2012
Venus 07 Nov 2012 06 Jan 2016
Sun 06 Jan 2016 18 Dec 2016
Moon 18 Dec 2016 19 Jul 2018
Mars 19 Jul 2018 27 Aug 2019
Rahu 27 Aug 2019 01 Jul 2022
Jupiter 01 Jul 2022 10 Jan 2025

Mercury (17y) Age 42

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Mercury 10 Jan 2025 07 Jun 2027
Ketu 07 Jun 2027 03 Jun 2028
Venus 03 Jun 2028 02 Apr 2031
Sun 02 Apr 2031 06 Feb 2032
Moon 06 Feb 2032 07 Jul 2033
Mars 07 Jul 2033 04 Jul 2034
Rahu 04 Jul 2034 19 Jan 2037
Jupiter 19 Jan 2037 26 Apr 2039
Saturn 26 Apr 2039 01 Jan 2042

Ketu (7y) Age 59

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Ketu 01 Jan 2042 30 May 2042
Venus 30 May 2042 30 Jul 2043
Sun 30 Jul 2043 05 Dec 2043
Moon 05 Dec 2043 05 Jul 2044
Mars 05 Jul 2044 01 Dec 2044
Rahu 01 Dec 2044 19 Dec 2045
Jupiter 19 Dec 2045 25 Nov 2046
Saturn 25 Nov 2046 03 Jan 2048
Mercury 03 Jan 2048 30 Dec 2048

Venus (20y) Age 66

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Venus 30 Dec 2048 28 Apr 2052
Sun 28 Apr 2052 28 Apr 2053
Moon 28 Apr 2053 27 Dec 2054
Mars 27 Dec 2054 26 Feb 2056
Rahu 26 Feb 2056 24 Feb 2059
Jupiter 24 Feb 2059 23 Oct 2061
Saturn 23 Oct 2061 21 Dec 2064
Mercury 21 Dec 2064 20 Oct 2067
Ketu 20 Oct 2067 19 Dec 2068

Sun (6y) Age 86

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Sun 19 Dec 2068 08 Apr 2069
Moon 08 Apr 2069 08 Oct 2069
Mars 08 Oct 2069 13 Feb 2070
Rahu 13 Feb 2070 07 Jan 2071
Jupiter 07 Jan 2071 26 Oct 2071
Saturn 26 Oct 2071 07 Oct 2072
Mercury 07 Oct 2072 13 Aug 2073
Ketu 13 Aug 2073 19 Dec 2073
Venus 19 Dec 2073 19 Dec 2074

Moon (10y) Age 92

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Moon 19 Dec 2074 19 Oct 2075
Mars 19 Oct 2075 19 May 2076
Rahu 19 May 2076 17 Nov 2077
Jupiter 17 Nov 2077 18 Mar 2079
Saturn 18 Mar 2079 16 Oct 2080
Mercury 16 Oct 2080 17 Mar 2082
Ketu 17 Mar 2082 16 Oct 2082
Venus 16 Oct 2082 15 Jun 2084
Sun 15 Jun 2084 15 Dec 2084

Mars (7y) Age 102

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Mars 15 Dec 2084 13 May 2085
Rahu 13 May 2085 31 May 2086
Jupiter 31 May 2086 07 May 2087
Saturn 07 May 2087 14 Jun 2088
Mercury 14 Jun 2088 11 Jun 2089
Ketu 11 Jun 2089 07 Nov 2089
Venus 07 Nov 2089 07 Jan 2091
Sun 07 Jan 2091 15 May 2091
Moon 15 May 2091 14 Dec 2091