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Namemichael wessel
Birth Date with Time1995-04-08 17:00
Birth PlaceNew York,Santa Rosa County,Florida,United States
Your Question

I am a very compassionate and mystical person yet I have obstacles preventing me from living the way I am meant to live, specifically I have to improve my health, increase my funds, and just general competence in daily routine actions. If you can help then good for you.

Answer To Your Question

Dear Michael, the direct answer to your question is, it is true that you are a mystic person, but you possess intelligence and can achieve heights either in the spiritual sector or in the materialistic life. The only need is you must be determined to achieve whatever you want. As per your chart, one shot is quite enough to motivate you to achieve the desired position. You will lead a healthy life as the natural significator of health and your ascendant lord Sun has a high strength of 1.37. There may be some allergy issues at times, so the intake of Vitamin D especially must be needed.

In terms of wealth, you will earn a lot but that needs some good amount of savings also as well as systematic financial planning, avoiding risky investments. Your ascendant and 2nd lords both are in conjunction, on one hand, it is creating the Dhan yoga, on the other hand, this position of Sun and Mercury in the 8th house creates financial fluctuations. This also creates the situation of sudden and unexpectedly big gains, which need to be spent with care. The conjunction of Moon and Mars in your chart is another Dhan yoga, which gives you the opportunity to earn the desired amount of money, again with caution of not to investing in risky schemes. If possible, you must start reciting Gayatri's mantras and Lord Ganesha’s mantras to be healthy, and wealthy and to lead your life the way you want.

Remedies to be followed: You should recite “Om Gan Ganapataye Namah” mantra 11 times every day and 21 times every Wednesday. If possible, you should also start recitation of Gayatri mantra 7 times a day and 11 times on Sunday.

1 Year Month Wise Career Prospects

February 2023

The time is of challenges, yet you would be able to exhibit your talent and your sharp arguments and ideas would be appreciated by your superiors. Make sure you complete your work in time and if you get any opportunity for making a change, you can move ahead with it in this or in the coming months as the small Panoti of Saturn create the situation of change in the job or the working condition.

March 2023 

This is the time when you should think to give more time either to work and give chances to the subordinates also. As this time is of an opportunity to update yourself, you should avail it. Saturn’s minor dasha till 15th march and its Panoti may create a situation of change in your place or the department for some time. Take care of the stability of your thoughts and in case of any important decision you must go for a second opinion or the elderly ‘s advice.   

April 2023 

The Dasha and the transit both are not in your support to focus on one front. This time demands multiple taking from you. Yet you will feel energetic and can also expect some new opportunities but make sure you do not fall into any arguments at your current work front as the minor Dasha is of Mercury, placed in the 8th house in debilitation in your chart, may create such a situation. Try to keep a long-term vision before making any important decision of your career.   

May 2023 

This and the upcoming months demand a lot of patience from your side and a stable and strong decision. Do not avoid big targets in this month as Saturn 8th to your Moon as well as the minor dasha of Mercury-Moon-Ketu creates the fluctuation in thoughts and delay in the results of the efforts. You may have to come across some issues to sort them out. Your policy should be to wait and watch. Do not react sharply to things, it is very important to analyze every aspect before you reach any conclusion.

June 2023 

The planets are indicating a comfortable position. You will be able to prove your abilities and expect appreciation for it also as the minor dasha of your 10th lord Venus will be starting this month and Jupiter is also now in your favor in transit, being the 9th to your ascendant. Your talent and merits would get a platform for expression. Opportunities will be in front of you, if you wish to make a change, again you are advised you should move ahead.

July 2023 

The time starts on a positive note. You would give your best in any important discussion with superiors or new people about your professional progress. Your positive outlook would be good. You would be able to grab every opportunity. Your expectations from your career would be achieved, due to your methodology and organized approach. Help the poor and needy people as and when possible, to get the blessings of Lord Saturn also.

August 2023 

The result this month would also be better. You would get the ease and nothing special is foreseen in this month which may affect you. Saturn in transit 8th to your Moon brings some stress, but on the other hand, you may get additional support and help from someone close to you at the work front. The Dasha is of your 10th lord Venus is in operation both and favoring you.

September 2023 

The month seems to be fine from your career point of view, but you may have to focus on many things at a time. You must maintain your schedule and routine at the workplace to have an upper hand over others, consistency is also expected. The Dasha of the ascendant lord placed in the 8th house with debilitated Mercury is in operation, you may be facing competition at the work front. On the other hand, you can also expect some positive response from your current employer or from somewhere else to make a change as mentioned above also.

October 2023 

The months seem to be average from the career point of view, it will be better if you should focus on the priorities first. Review your work before the final presentation, so that you may not make mistakes. You should also be careful in your words while presenting, it should not include any harshness. The minor dasha is of Mars, from 17th October, placed in the debilitation in your chart, which may create harshness and disturb the relationship with co-workers. Try to sit in the West direction for the exhibition of the best of your talent also.


The month is especially important for you. Do not disclose your plans and ideas with your co-workers, these should be presented in front of superiors only. The minor dasha is of Rahu and now it is also transiting 9th to your Moon, aspecting it may create doubts and suspicion in your mind. It would also not be good from the professional point of view, so take care not to rely on it and be vigilant on your work front.


The month is as similar to the month of November, the dasha and the transit of Rahu both may create unnecessary stress and you may think to leave everything. Try not to feel depressed as the situation will be improved by the end of the month and the new year starts with new positives. The issue which may affect your professional sector is, the position of your 5th lord is in the 4th house with below-average strength of 0.87. So, you must not forget to worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Sun in any case.

Your Personality & Trait

You are blessed with a personality blooming with energy and confidence. Once you start something you never put your steps back. You follow strict discipline and expect the same from all around you. Your self-esteem is very important for you. You have excellent stability in your behavior. You are a born leader and take things into your hand smoothly.

You exhibit royalty in your acts. You very well know how to get things done. Hence you prove to be an excellent team leader. A sense of responsibility is very unique in you, and you fulfill your duties to the best. Your administrative skills are excellent. You are kindhearted but exhibit a balance too. People around you appreciate the way you keep your word.

You expect the same level of perfection from people around you. You must understand that it is not possible and have to learn the limitations of others. It is very difficult for you to believe others, which often increases your workload. You often don't mix up easily which others and keep yourself aloof. You must learn to control your temperamental fluctuations.

Nakshatra Interpretation

Nakshatras are the Self-illuminating celestial bodies in our Galaxy and they have a very – very vital impact on human lives.

You were born under Punarvasu Nakshatra's 4th pada. So, let’s understand the impact of this Nakshatra on your life. You have a great capacity to change for good but for this, you need good motivation otherwise you would flow with the current.

The symbol of your nakshatra arrow needs a bow to be shot. Once shot it hits the target. You are just the same. You are intelligent and possess a spiritual height. You have good convincing power. Mercury, showers on you, mercantile tact. You have cared nature, sensitivity, and a receptive approach. You believe in playing safe and avoiding risks in life. You do not have big dreams and are content with whatever you have. You hate complexities in life and prefer a simple life.

Your emotional approach makes you interested in poetry and literature. You have a very benefic approach. Although you love journeys and visiting new places, you feel homesick very soon.

You fear taking quick decisions. You lack the strong determination and foresight needed for big success. Try to overcome this to achieve the desired goals and fulfill your wishes.

House-wise Analysis


The Lord of Ascendant is placed in the 8th house with the 2nd lord Mercury. It makes you learn and interested in occult Sciences. This also makes you interested in helping others, you will have several friends. Ascendant lord Sun in this conjunction with the second Lord Mercury, there may be suddenness in financial position. Sudden losses and sudden gains. Your health needs attention due to this combination, you must be particular in your intake of Vitamin and focus on enhancing immunity. You would become successful in life through your own efforts and expect an inheritance also. You would be a fortunate person, but to get the support of the planets, you would have to do some good deeds. You would like to be self-dependent.  

2nd House

You will earn wealth through your own efforts, and you should not expect an inheritance. You are advised not to involve yourself in unnecessary arguments with your family members over any financial matters. You may lack domestic happiness and family support at the occasion. This is due to your sarcastic speech which you often use, the position of debilitated Mercury in the 8th house creates so in your nature. You may have to make a compromising attitude to get support from your family.    

You must be careful about your savings must keep in mind your future. The position of your 11th lord Mercury is in the 8th house in debilitation is not a good position for savings of money. You are also advised to keep a check on the habit of overspending money. 

Special care has been taken regarding your savings and financial transactions in your Mercury- Rahu dasha between 13th October 2024 and 2nd May 2027. So, it is advised you to save your hard-earned money for a longer time and in the fixed form too. You should avoid speculative investments and purchase the property individually. Family support will be there for you in all forms like moral support as well as financial support. You will have a strong feeling to reciprocate the same for your family. Make sure you do not spoil anything with the harshness of tone.


Your 3rd lord is in the 7th house, you will be fortunate. Your relationship with your siblings would be fine but you should not expect much from them. They will be well settled in life. Try to avoid any financial transactions with them. Despite having affection and attachment with your siblings, you may face a lot of ups and down in your relations with them. There would be differences on many issues.  You strongly believe in maintaining a strong social circle and take initiative for that. You are energetic and should look for a creative outlet for your energy. Don’t fall into unnecessary arguments. You will enjoy journeys in your life. You have been blessed with some talents which you should explore and utilize to the utmost.

4th House

Your 4th lord is in the 12th house in debilitation, making your 4th house weak. It affects domestic happiness. This makes you religiously inclined and you love your family tradition also. You are a good advisor and sometimes your reputation may be affected due to your position of it. So, you should always keep care not to involve yourself in others' matters to maintain good relationships and your reputation intact.

The position of Jupiter is in the 4th house, which makes you an easy-going person and very society conscious. You are introverted and reserved in nature. The list of your relationships may not be exceedingly long but consist of influential and strong people. You usually do not like to take on others’ obligations till the situation becomes inevitable. You are very possessive about your relations and are sensitive regarding them. You honor the virtues of others. You do everything for your image and social status. Extravagant habits may put you in trouble occasionally. Areas of your interest are trading, writing, teaching, communication jobs, and religious professions.


Your 5th lord is in the 4th house, which shows that you are intelligent and wealthy. You are fortunate in terms of love but there may be occasional ups and downs. Don’t let misunderstandings spoil the harmony of your relations. For you love is a constant source of motivation to move ahead.  You should try to handle the ups and downs that may come in life due to emotions in a very pragmatic manner. As your 5th lord is Jupiter, the healer planet and Guru, it makes you interested in mythology, and the occult sciences, and sometimes you have the feeling of detachment also. You would do meditation or spiritual activities. 

You will enjoy a good position at the workplace. You are a good leader, and your team will render all possible support to you. You may also face some issues related to your children; they may live away from you for different reasons. Yet you will share a special bond with your children, and you will always motivate them.  They may have to go away due to their studies or work. Planets are indicating some issues at the time of childbirth.

6th House

Your 6th lord is in the 7th house, you would earn success in your job as well as in business also. But your competitors always restrict your growth on the professional front as well as on the personal front. You have  strong immunity and good recovery power. You will be cautious about your health and fitness. Make sure your intake of water is good and keep care of proper intake of Vitamins in your routines. You have a tendency to excess secretion of bile which gives acidity tendency. You should avoid too much spicy food as this may increase this problem. Intake of jaggery after meals will help you curb acidity issues. 


Your marriage would be settled in a different culture in any case and the possibility of it is that there may be a difference in age between you and your future partner. The time of settlement of your marriage can be between 27th June 2023 and 15th April 2024. If in any case, this time slips, then it will be between 26th June 2024 and 28th November 2025. As your 7th lord is Saturn this is the basic reason for the delay and the position of Mars in the 12th house of your chart is creating the Mangalik dosha also. As you are Mangalik, make sure that the girl should also Mangalik. Your and your likely partner’s chart should also be matched properly by an experienced astrologer, to avoid further complications.

Your future partner would be caring, and it is difficult for her to remain away from you. For the happiness of the relationship, she would make every effort to maintain the relationship cordially. She may be shy in expressing her emotions directly, but she has a number of qualities within her. She will be of some philosophical nature so, you should keep care of her emotions too. You will have to make her understand, the difference between emotions and the philosophy of life. If mingled both of them life may not be easy to pass.

Your 7th lord is in the 7th house, in your own sign. It is a good position for married life. it is also in combustion with your 3rd and 12th lord Venus and has the aspect of Rahu over it, this indicates yours will be an average married life. There would be ego clashes from time to time.

8th House

Your 8th lord is in the 4th house, you can expect the inheritance and the support of your elder family members. There may be unexpected gains as well as losses also. You will have an interest in research and occult sciences. You see this world through your spectacles only. You expect a lot from people around you and then ultimately feel frustrated. The planets bestow you with a competitive spirit. You believe that competition is the fuel to work hard. You are aware of the tactics to win. Win with one blow is what you want. You are decisive and sometimes your decisions are more emotional than practical. 

The fire of this sign makes you accept every challenge. It is easy to provoke you. You love adventure and risk-taking. You appreciate the healthy competition. If you accept a challenge, you give full dedication and mold the things as per you. You believe that until and unless you aim, you cannot shoot. Many times you bring things to a one-man show.


Your 9th lord is in the 12th house in conjunction with the 12th lord Moon. Luck favors you but wants a lot of hard work from you, this also shows your luck will shine well in a foreign country. You should be consistent with your efforts. You have an inclination for religion, spiritualism, and philosophy. For your spiritualism is the beacon of life and life led through spiritualism is a successful life. You do not like complications in this divine subject. The aspect of Rahu on the 9th house also indicates some differences with your children or the distances of your children.  

10th House

Your 10th lord is in the 7th house. The planets ensure that you will achieve everything with your own endeavors. Your intelligence and personal magnetism could bring your fame, money, and power. You want to indulge in the masses and want appreciation for whatever you do. The authorities or government may bless you and you will work hard to maintain the dignity of your character. You may tend to hold high positions doing jobs for others.
There is a wide range of beneficial areas for you. Those may be consultation, education, software designing, interior or fashion designing,  jewelry , etc. You would gain prosperity through dealing with gems and jewels. You may also opt for professions related to metals, chemicals, machinery, hotel management, administrative sectors, bakery products, ready to eat cooked food items can be the other options. High-level administration and management are the major areas of your profession.  

Your chart is indicating about your success in business also along with the challenges to face on your professional front. You can start your business between the age of 32 and 34 years or it can be started between the age of 37 and 38 years. Your business may have a relationship with the export or import. In your job, you will be successful in a foreign country in comparison to your native country and earn a lot of money over there.

11th HOUSE

The position of your 11th  lord Mercury is in the 8th  house, and the lord of the house of income is in the house of obstruction and sudden gains. As Mercury is in the debilitation, this position encourages you to fight against the odd situations in earning money too. Your courage will always inspire you to earn money through your efforts and you can also invest money in purchasing of property instead of making risky investments. You should try to avoid speculative investments. The conjunction of Mars and Moon is creating the Dhan-Yoga, this creates the situation of earning ample wealth, but it also instigates risky investments with create financial losses such investments. You may lack support from friends, well-wishers, and elderly people. You should check your lavish expenditure and concentrate on savings also. You should always invest money under an expert’s guidance. 

12th House

Your 12th lord is in the 12th house, you have a special and strong karmic bond. It has a connection with your past life. You do not hurt anyone knowingly. You strongly believe that good karmas are the base of life. Your karmic bond with your partner or a friend will play an important role in your life. You should always be polite with your life partner and friends. You should explore your talents and should work to groom them.

Strength of your Horoscope (Favorable Yoga)

Your 7th lord is in its own sign.

Your 7th lord is in its own sign, it is a good position to get support from your partner and close ones.

Your Moon is in its own sign.

Your Moon is in its own sign, and it is in Vargottam state also which is a good position for earning money and for the conjugal life also.

Chandra-Mangal Yoga.

Chandra-Mangal Yoga has the capacity of giving the desired amount of wealth. It also demands a check on your investments too. You should not make any investment in the share market or any such activity that comes under the category of staking etc. You should also keep in mind that there is no shortcut to earning money or success. Chandra-Mangal yoga has the tendency of instigating a person for adopting shortcuts for making money.

2nd lord is also aspecting on the 2nd house.

Your 2nd and 11th lord Mercury, despite its debilitation and combustion is in its own nakshatra, which is a good position for earning money.

Weakness in your Horoscope (Unfavorable Yoga)

Mangalik Dosha

As you are Mangalik, make sure that the girl should also Mangalik. Your and your likely partner’s chart should also be matched properly by an experienced astrologer, to avoid further complications.

Your 2nd and 11th lord is in debilitation.

Your 2nd and 11th lord is in debilitation, this needs the check on the financial planning, and savings of the money must be done.

Your 5th lord Jupiter is in debilitation in navansha.

Your 5th lord Jupiter is in debilitation in navansha, this sometimes affects your career prospects.

Mahadasha Analysis

Mercury Mahadasha (Running -16th April 2032) 

The present Mahadasha is of Mercury it will continue till 16th April 2032. Mercury is your 2nd and 11th lord, placed in the 8th house in conjunction with Sun, the ascendant lord. Mercury the planet of wisdom and prosperity would be in a mood to take you towards materialistic gains. Those who were not cooperative once would now lend their helping hands to you. Once a person gets co-operation, he may become the luckiest one and be appreciated by all because of his high spirits to come out as a winner in situations. Mercury, the planet responsible for calculations also, will force you to take an interest in mathematics and so, you would find yourself calculative in your plans and execution of ideas. Spend some time and money on charity or for religious purposes. Despite of all these comforts and luxuries be vigilant and careful about your health between 7th August 2029 and 16th April 2032.

Ketu Mahadasha (From 16th April 2032 to 17th April 2039)

Your Ketu Mahadasha will be starting on 16th April 2032, and it will be over on 17th April 2039. Ketu is the restless planet, it is placed in the 9th house of your chart, and it is creating restlessness for some time. On the other hand, it makes you a bold personality and ready to accept any challenge. You may be fearful at this time for future prospects. You would have to make extra efforts to come on to a conclusion. You should analyze the situation and try to stable in your thoughts. This may not prove to be good for your close relations and it may create some differences of opinion. You would also spend money on charitable purposes and you may travel to religious places from time to time in this Dasha. Take special care of your health and emotions between 18th March 2035 and 4th April 2036.

Venus Mahadasha (From 17th April 2039 to 17th April 2059) 

Your Venus Mahadasha will be starting on 17th April 2039 and it will be over on 17th April 2059. Venus is your 3rd and 10th lord, placed in the 7th house in conjunction with the 7th lord Saturn. Venus, the planet of wealth and comforts would bless you with a royal life in her major period. Support and benefit from higher government officers and agencies would give you the full advantage on the professional front. All subjects of comfort as four-wheelers, lavish food etc. would be within your reach. You must be strong enough not to be drawn away in these comforts and a balance of behavior must be maintained. If you did not start the business mentioned under the 10th house, this can be the time when you can take the step and get success.

Government officials would be supportive in your matters. Don’t let these comfortable conditions become your addiction as little up and down can disturb you. If you make sincere efforts, a gain of land and immovable property can be expected in this period. You would appreciate a good piece of art with a critic’s eye or may also try your hand in the artistic field.

Sun Mahadasha (From 17th April 2059 to 16th April 2065)  

Your Sun Mahadasha will be starting on 17th April 2059 and it will continue till 16th April 2065. Sun is your ascendant lord, placed in the 8th house with the 2nd and 11th lord Mercury. Sun, the axis of all planets under this major period would put some important responsibilities on your shoulder. Many plans would come into your mind and an unstable mind would not let you come to a fixed decision. You may have to fight on many fronts, and this may give mental stress. But on the other hand, being in conjunction with mercury, it would bring financial gains also. Government officials would be cooperative, and they may benefit you in accomplishing your pending jobs. Your bold ideas would set new targets and help flourish the work. Under the influence of the Sun, you would not be able to overlook the wrong going around you and would react sharply. This high temperament and the quest for right and justified would put you in clashes with government sectors.   

Moon Mahadasha (From 16th April 2065 to 17th April 2075 )  

Your Moon Mahadasha will be starting on 16th April 2066 and it will continue till 17th April 2075. Moon is your 12th lord, placed in the 12th house, in its own sign. Moon would bestow on you her favorite subjects e.g. gains from all sectors in her major period or Mahadasha. You would get courage morals as well as financial support from all nears and dears. The importance of your plans and their execution may increase the number of your friends.

Learned people would accompany you in your ongoing jobs and you will enjoy their company. You will achieve all the targets you set, either for you or for the company you are working with. Strong willpower is the most important factor in the present dasha, and you are quite competent to maintain your social status and you will attend the parties of your standard in which you may enjoy lavish food. You would perform some religious activities too. There may be excessive journeys, some of them may be professional journeys and others will be of your personal comfort and you would be more inclined towards the religious journeys.

Your Birth Profile

Basic Details

Gender Male
Date of Birth 08 April, 1995 Saturday
Time of Birth (Hr. Min. Sec.) 17:00:00 PM Standard Time
Time Zone (Hrs. Mins.) -05:00 East of Greenwich
Moon Sign Cancer
Ascendant (Lagna) Leo
Sun sign (Western) Aries
Place of Birth New York
Country United States
Longitude & Ltitude (Deg. Mins.) 86.7 West, 30.13 North
Ayanamsa Chitra Paksha = 23Deg. 47Min. 12Sec.

Astrological Details

Sign Lord Moon
Nakshatra Lord Jupiter
Charan 4
Name Alphabet Da, Ha | ड, ह
Nakshatra Charan Alphabet ही (Hee)
Paya Iron
Ascendant Lord Sun
Atma Karaka (Soul) - Karakamsa Saturn
Amatya Karaka (Inellect/Mind) Sun
Dasha System Vimshottari, Years = 365.25 Days

Panchang Details

Sunrise (Hrs. Mins.) 16:55
Sunset (Hrs. Mins.) 05:37
Local Mean Time (LMT) 21:39:20
Weekday Saturday
Birth Star/Nakshatra Punarvasu
Tithi (Lunar Day) Navami
Karan Balav
Nithya Yoga Sukarma

Lucky Points

Favourable Days Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
Favourable Color Golden
Lucky Number 5
Inspiring Deity Shri Surya Narayan
Lucky Direction East
Lucky Letter Bha, Y, L and A
Favourable Metal Copper,Gold
Avakhada Chakra
Karan Balav
Nithya Yoga Sukarma
Varga Mesh
Varna Brahmin
Tatva Vari
Vasya Jalchar
Yoni Manjar
Gana Dev
Yunja Madhya
Nadi Adhya

What is Avakhada Chakra?

The table shown here contains various astrological terms which are obtained from your own Moon’s position. Hence, this table is very useful in Vedic Astrology as it shows your own personalized information. This helps the native to determine compatibility with others.

Ghaat Chakra

What is Ghaat Chakra?

As the name suggests, Ghaat literally means negative or inauspicious. This table shows your personalized negative phenomenon of Panchang in which you should take extra care and precaution. Plus, the suggested day, tithi, month, and nakshatra should also be avoided to initiate any new or auspicious work.

Month Posha
Tithi Shukla Paksha Dwitiya, Shukla Paksha Saptami, Shukla Paksha Dwadashi,
Day Wednesday
Nakshatra Anuradha
Yog Vyaghaat
Karan Naag
Prahar First
Male Moon Leo
Female Moon Pisces
Nirayan Grah / Planetary Avastha

What is Nirayan Grah?

The below table shows “Nirayana or Sidereal Planetary Positions” which is very essential to cast an accurate birth chart.

The planetary longitudes shown in below table is used in construction of other divisional charts (Varga kundali).

Planets Retrograde Sign Degrees Sign Lord Nakshatra Nakshatra Lord House
Lagna - Leo 28:0:43 Sun Uttarafalguni Sun First
Sun False Pisces 24:48:53 Jupiter Revati Mercury Eights
Moon False Cancer 02:28:58 Moon Punarvasu Jupiter Twelveth
Mars False Cancer 20:41:58 Moon Aashlesha Mercury Twelveth
Mercury False Pisces 18:50:53 Jupiter Revati Mercury Eights
Jupiter True Scorpio 21:30:53 Mars Jyestha Mercury Forth
Venus False Aquarius 20:14:48 Saturn Purvabhadrapad Jupiter Seventh
Saturn False Aquarius 25:16:13 Saturn Purvabhadrapad Jupiter Seventh
Rahu True Libra 12:50:33 Venus Swati Rahu Third
Ketu True Aries 12:50:33 Mars Ashwini Ketu Ninth
Harshal False Capricorn 06:23:43 Saturn Uttarashadha Sun Sixth
Neptune False Capricorn 01:39:48 Saturn Uttarashadha Sun Sixth
Pluto False Scorpio 06:27:53 Mars Anuradha Saturn Forth
Your Ashtakavarga Calculation

What is Ashtakavarga?

Ashtakavarga Theory is one of the finest predictive theories of Vedic Astrology. It uses the point system to work on karmic debts based on planetary positions in a chart. Ashta means eight and Varga means categorization and hence Ashtakavarga theory means eightfold categorization. It determines the strength of houses and planets including ascendants in eight folds. The nodes of the moon are excluded while determining the strengths. The strengths of the planets are determined on the basis of certain well-established rules. The strengths of each planet, as well as the power and intensity of its influence on the native, will totally be dependent on the placements of the remaining six planets and the ascendant in relation to it.

The strength of seven planets and ascendants is determined in a chart or tabular format. In this system, the planets and the ascendants are used as a reference point and 8 full points are assigned to each of them. The scores are given to the planets and ascendants ranging from 0 to 8 which is placed on different signs in a native chart. It also determines the possibility of transiting the planet in moving auspicious or other effects during its transitory motion on a particular planet. The major and minor events and their timings are mainly determined by the positioning of certain points. The score is totally dependent on how each planet is auspiciously or inauspiciously placed from the other. Each planet will earn different score which is again unique for all natives and helps them to know how a particular planet is favorable for them.

The planet that scores 0 is considered as the most inauspicious, score ranging from 1-3 are considered as inferior, 4 is said to be neutral and 5-8 is said to be auspicious and fortunate with the strength of increasing scores. The natives can take remedial measures depending on the negative or positive influences of the planets on the natives. They can prevent themselves from the unpleasant effects of it just by getting aware of consequences likely to happen due to its influence. The scores of the planets in the Ashtakavarga table are one of the best guides to help the natives to be aware of possible consequences likely to happen in the future.

Score V/S Effect

Score Effect
0 Inauspicious
1-3 Inferior
4 Neutral
5-8 Auspicious
Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Total
Mesh 4 4 2 4 5 3 4 26
Vrushabh 5 7 6 6 5 5 3 37
Mithun 2 5 1 3 6 6 4 27
Kark 5 3 4 3 4 3 2 24
Sinh 4 4 6 6 5 4 2 31
Kanya 4 5 4 4 3 6 4 30
Tula 4 5 4 5 3 5 4 30
Vrishchik 4 3 1 4 6 6 3 27
Dhan 4 6 4 4 5 4 6 33
Makar 5 4 5 4 7 2 4 31
Kumbh 3 1 2 6 3 3 1 19
Meen 4 2 0 5 4 5 2 22
-- 48493954565239337
Planetary Friendship Table

Permanent Friendship

This type of planetary friendship is based on planets’ nature and natural qualities. Thus, planets have some natural friends or enemies. Sometimes, they even remain neutral with some planets.

Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Sun --FriendFriendNeutralFriendEnemyEnemy
Moon Friend--NeutralFriendNeutralNeutralNeutral
Mars FriendFriend--EnemyFriendNeutralNeutral
Mercury FriendEnemyNeutral--NeutralFriendNeutral
Jupiter FriendFriendFriendEnemy--EnemyNeutral
Venus EnemyEnemyNeutralFriendNeutral--Friend
Saturn EnemyEnemyEnemyFriendNeutralFriend--

Temporal Friendship

This type of planetary friendship depends on how the planets are posited in any given chart. Planets posited in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th from another planet becomes its temporary friend. Others can be treated as temporary enemy.

Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Sun --EnemyEnemyEnemyEnemyFriendFriend
Moon Enemy--EnemyEnemyEnemyEnemyEnemy
Mars EnemyEnemy--EnemyEnemyEnemyEnemy
Mercury EnemyEnemyEnemy--EnemyFriendFriend
Jupiter EnemyEnemyEnemyEnemy--FriendFriend
Venus FriendEnemyEnemyFriendFriend--Enemy
Saturn FriendEnemyEnemyFriendFriendEnemy--

Five-fold Friendship

This is the combination or summation of the relationships arrived at under the Natural Friendship and the Temporary Friendship.

Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Sun --NeutralNeutralEnemyNeutralNeutralNeutral
Moon Neutral--EnemyNeutralEnemyEnemyEnemy
Mars NeutralNeutral--Great EnemyNeutralEnemyEnemy
Mercury NeutralGreat EnemyEnemy--EnemyGreat FriendFriend
Jupiter NeutralNeutralNeutralGreat Enemy--NeutralFriend
Venus NeutralGreat EnemyEnemyGreat FriendFriend--Neutral
Saturn NeutralGreat EnemyGreat EnemyGreat FriendFriendNeutral--
Panchang Predictions
Day of Birth Saturday
Birth Star (Nakshatra) Punarvasu
Lunar Day (Tithi) Navami
Karanam Balav
Nithya Yoga Sukarma

You are born on: Saturday

As you were born on Saturday, you will have confidence in your career aspirations that should lead to success. You are ambitious, but it is always within the boundaries of practicality. However, your greatest strengths are your administrative and business skills. In relationships with others, you are loyal and devoted. You focus on security and can be rather orthodox in your ways, and may prefer ancient institutions. You are graced with extreme intelligence, and you will exhibit expertise in diverse fields and may try your hand in different professions.

Your Birth-Star (Nakshatra) is: Punarvasu

These people have a firm faith in god and they are religious in nature and behavior. Their faith in religion sometimes even makes them dogmatic. But they are law-abiding and will not participate in any illegal or anti-social activities. Their needs are limited and they lead a simple life. They know how to hide their thoughts and true feelings. They also like to help the needy. Females born in this Nakshatra are calm but tend to get into arguments to exhibit their intelligence. This may give rise to disputes with other family members.

Lunar Day (Tithi): Navami

Favourable Signs

Leo, Scorpio

Results based on the date of birth

The natives born on Navami tithi will have inclination towards fame. They are an expert in state and secretive work as well as in forming sexual relations.

Karanam: Balav

You are fierce and would be successful managing a very busy working environment. You would prefer living at places located at high altitudes. You are a keen observer to your surroundings. Your most effective routine hours could be in the evenings than in the morning. There is a detective in your nature which may also cause challenges in your married life.

Nithya Yoga: Sukarma

The individuals having this Yoga are attracted by politics and social work. They will be proficient at politics connected with home, state, country and abroad. They will wish for a job in the government sector. They get fame due to technical know-how and become skillful engineers and architects. They possess a squarish face and are proficient at making money and spending it appropriately. They are never short of money. If there is ever any paucity of money, they get help from others. The people around follow their advice. They may face weird adversaries sometimes but they tackle all confrontations with practical skill and smartness. They have slender and adroit fingers. They feel hungry often and get attracted to the opposite sex. They know how to satisfy their spouses.

Ascendant / Birth Chart
Birth Chart

About Ascendant / Birth Chart

In Vedic Astrology, the Birth Chart is also known as Lagna kundali, Janam kundali and Ascendant Chart. The sign which rises in East direction at the time and place of your birth will become your Lagna Sign or Ascending Sign and that will give rise to your Lagna kundali or Janam kundali. This is the most important chart among all divisional charts.

Moon Chart

About Moon Chart

Moon Chart or Chandra kundali has also the greater importance in Vedic Astrology predictions. A Chandra kundali is prepared keeping the placement of natal Moon in the 1st house and the rest of the planets are placed accordingly. In other words, we need to rotate the Birth Chart to bring the Moon in the 1st house.

Moon Chart
Sun Chart
Sun kundali

About Sun Chart

Sun Chart or Surya kundali is derived by keeping the placement of natal Sun in the 1st house. This chart is also known as Sunrise Chart.

In other words, a Surya kundali, is determined by the Sun, neither by Ascendant nor by Moon, and is therefore a chart that only applies to the expression of the Sun, our core identity.


About Ashtakavarga

Ashtakvarga Theory is one of the most easiest theories of Vedic Astrology to determine the strength of house and planets too.

In Ashtakvarga Theory, the replication of planetary strength or house strength can be provided in charts or tabular format.

By using Ashtakvarga charts or tables, one can conclude many things just by looking at the scores given in either chart or tables.

Ashtakavarga kundali
Bhava / Chalit Chart
Chalit kundali

About Bhava / Chalit Chart

In Vedic Astrology, planetary longitudes play a vital role in forecasting. It is not necessary that two planets posited in the same sign (house) give the results of that house. Simply, planets falling in any sign is not important because sometimes signs and houses overlap to each others.

Hence, Chalit kundali is the purification of Lagna kundali and therefore Chalit kundali is derived from Lagna kundali.

D2 – Hora Chart

About D2 – Hora Chart

Hora kundali tells us about a person’s wealth and financial prosperity.

The Hora chart is divided into 2 parts. It has only 2 Lagnas/Rashis – Cancer & Leo.

All the first 15 degrees of male Rashis (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius) come under Leo. The next 15 degrees come under Cancer. On the other hand, all the first 15 degrees of female Rashis (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces) come under Cancer. The next 15 degrees come under Leo.

D2 Hora Chart
D3 – Dreshkhamsha kundali
Dreshkhamsha kundali

About D3 – Dreshkhamsha kundali – Deccan Chart – Drekkana Chart

Drekkana Chart reveals the hidden aspects of 3rd house of Birth Chart. In other words, it is an extension of 3rd house of Birth Chart.

It can reveal hidden aspects of siblings – brothers and sisters, communication, short distance travel, writing, listening, upper arm, relatives, neighbours, bravery, valour, courage, optimism, hard work, adventure.

D4 - Chaturthamsha Kundli

About D4 - Chaturthamsha Kundli

The fourth divisional chart is known as Chaturthamsha. This chart deals with the prognosis for material comfort and the effects upon Dhana bhava. D-4 can verify the character of a planet that produces the foundational corporal and cultural securities. Let’s look within the D-4 chart to confirm the actual power of karaka Chandra or Moon.

D4 - Chaturthamsha Kundli
D5 – Panchamsa Kundli
D5 – Panchamsa Kundli

About D5 – Panchamsa Kundli

The fifth divisional chart is known as Panchamsa. This charts deals with fame, authority, and power. This chart represents two aspects of the Universe, namely – (1) Spirit or Energy or Atma – the spirituality of the native, and (2) Material Nature -the material aspects of life. The Panchamsa Divisional chart represents spirituality in the native, and his ability to separate two constituents (Spirit and Material) of the Universe or within himself like the saints.

D6 – Shashtamsha Kundli

About D6 – Shashtamsha Kundli

The D6 divisional chart is widely known as Shashtamsha Kundli which technically deals with areas denoted by 6th house in a birth chart. This method is derived from the Tajika School of Astrology. This chart represents daily wages (routine income), enemies & competitors, maternal relatives, benefits from wills and insurance claims, servants-services, litigation & debts, general illness. This chart has to be analyzed as a reference to the 6th house of birth chart.

D6 Kundli
D7 – Saptmansh Kundali
Saptmansh kundali

About D7 – Saptmansh kundali

D/7 Chart of Saptmansh chart is a divisional chart which is used for the analysis of child birth and happiness associated with the children. Strength or weakness of the 5th house of child happiness in the birth chart and the Saptmansh chart gives us an idea about the happiness associated with the child birth. Also, conception period and the time of the child birth can be studied through the Saptmansh chart. It can also indicate any problems related to the delay or problems in the conception of the child. Child’s fate can also be studied through the Saptmansh chart.

D8 – Ashtmansa Kundli

About D8 – Ashtmansa Kundli

The eighth divisional chart is known as Ashtamsa. This chart indicates sudden and unexpected experiences and troubles including litigation or major accidents. It also indicates major challenges and crises in an individual’s life.

D8 – Ashtmansa Kundli
D9 – Navmasha kundali
Navmasha kundali

About D9 – Navmasha kundali

Navmasha simply means 9th division of sign. Navmasha Chart has been given prime importance in Vedic Predictive Astrology. It is also Known as D-9 chart as well.

Navmasha Chart is constructed from Birth Chart and hence it works in relation with birth chart.

D10 – Dashamsha Kundli

About D10 – Dashamsha Kundli

The 10th House represents the Karma or Profession. Hence, Dashamsha chart is the 10th division of a birth chart. It reveals native's complete career life along with achievements in detail. Dashamsha chart represents the profession and is to be used for detailed analysis while profiling one’s career.

D10 – Dashamsha Kundli
D11 – Labhamsa / Ekadashansh Kundli
D11 kundali

About D11 – Labhamsa / Ekadashansh Kundli

This is another one of the non-parashari divisional charts, derived from the Tajika School of Astrology. Ekadashansh is another popular name of D11 chart. This divisional chart represents gains of all the nature, income-wealth acquisition, fulfillment of desires, nature of earning, rewards & recognitions, profits and returns, elder brother, material enjoyments, legs, left ear, left upper limb, recovery from disease. This chart has to be analyzed as a reference to the 11th house of birth chart.

D12 – Dwadashansh Kundali

About 12 – Dwadashansh Kundali

Basically, the D-12 chart reveals hidden aspects of Parents (Paternal and Maternal Legacies).

Various matters related to parents like happiness from his parents, comforts and longevity of the parents, social and financial status of parents etc.

The 12 divisions of each sign have been assigned to 4 deities. This is an unique method to strengthen the planet (if needed) on different division by worshiping the deity indicated. By doing so the malefic effects of the planet, either during the Dasha period or transit.

Dwadashansh Kundali
D16 – Shodashamsha Kundli
D16 – Shodashamsha Kundli

About D16 – Shodashamsha Kundli

The sixteenth divisional chart is known as Shodashamsha. It is used to analyze the native’s attachments, and happiness from conveyances and luxuries. The examination of various lords of natal horoscope in shodashamsha chart helps to understand the level of happiness. It also helps to examine the respective signification represented by the natal lords.

D20 – Vimshamsha Kundli

About D20 – Vimshamsha Kundli

The twentieth divisional chart is known as Vimshamsha. For D20 chart, we divide any sign into 20 parts with 1 Degree 30 seconds assigned for each part. We look for this chart to see spiritual growth. It is also looked for Guru Shishya parampara or related activities. It shows the religious practices & inclinations of the person in religious activities. The chart shows esoteric purpose of native’s life.

D20 – Vimshamsha Kundli
D24 – Chaturvimshamsha Kundli
D24 – Chaturvimshamsha Kundli

About D24 – Chaturvimshamsha Kundli

The twenty-fourth divisional chart is known as Chaturvimshamsha. D24 chart is our ability to come to a deeper understanding. It is the chart of education, but specifically it is called the chart of “perfect erudition”. The perfect knowledge comes by letting go of our illusions, which is the domain of the 12th house. So the D24 is as much about un-learning as it is about learning.

D27 – Saptavimshamsha Kundli

About D27 – Saptavimshamsha Kundli

The twenty-seventh divisional chart is known as Saptavimshamsha. This chart indicates general vitality, and the ability to rise to the occasion. The chart can often change if the birth time is off by a few minutes. General strengths and weaknesses, physical strength, stamina and weakness can be seen from this chart.

D27 – Saptavimshamsha  Kundli
D30 – Trimshamsha Kundli
D30 – Trimshamsha Kundli

About D30 – Trimshamsha Kundli

The thirtieth divisional chart is known as Trimshamsha. According to Sage Parashara, all sorts of Arishtas (Evils) fall in the province of Trimshamsha. The term Arishta is used in the sense of things that are not desired or unwanted. Thus the failures, accidents, lack of physical as well as mental comforts and calamities should be checked from this chart.

D40 – Khavedamsha Kundli

About D40 – Khavedamsha Kundli

The fortieth divisional chart is known as Khavedamsha. The chart has primarily to do with happiness and professional activities. It gives information about the positive or auspicious circumstances or events of an individual's life. It could be connected to auspiciousness of planets or houses in the horoscope or even lagna or ascendant.

D40 – Khavedamsha Kundli
D45 – Akshavedamsha Kundli
D45 – Akshavedamsha Kundli

About D45 – Akshavedamsha Kundli

The forty-fifth divisional chart is known as Akshavedamsha. The chart indicates fortune, father, his ancestors and religious activities of a native. During an examination of the horoscope, D-45 or Akshavedamsha chart helps to examine all aspects of life. It can also predicts how the person conducts himself or herself.

D60 – Shashtiamsha Kundli

About D60 – Shashtiamsha Kundli

The sixtieth divisional chart is known as Shashtiamsha. D60 chart is used to understand your past lives and karma. It hides the clue for this birth, and whatever you are experiencing in this life. The chart has a very strong role in predicting our life and destiny as it connects our current life to our past life, Rishi Parashara says about the emphasis been given to Shashtiamsha.

D60 – Shashtiamsha Kundli
Sade Sati Calculation
Panoti Paya Phase Entry Date End Date
Small Panoti Gold - 09 Nov 1993 02 Jun 1995
Small Panoti Iron - 10 Aug 1995 16 Feb 1996
Sade Sati - Phase 1 23 Jul 2002 08 Jan 2003
Sade Sati - Phase 1 07 Apr 2003 06 Sep 2004
Sade Sati - Phase 2 06 Sep 2004 13 Jan 2005
Sade Sati - Phase 1 13 Jan 2005 26 May 2005
Sade Sati - Phase 2 26 May 2005 01 Nov 2006
Sade Sati - Phase 3 01 Nov 2006 10 Jan 2007
Sade Sati - Phase 2 10 Jan 2007 16 Jul 2007
Sade Sati - Phase 3 16 Jul 2007 09 Sep 2009
Small Panoti Silver - 15 Nov 2011 16 May 2012
Small Panoti Gold - 04 Aug 2012 02 Nov 2014
Small Panoti Iron - 29 Apr 2022 12 Jul 2022
Small Panoti Silver - 17 Jan 2023 29 Mar 2025
Sade Sati - Phase 1 31 May 2032 13 Jul 2034
Sade Sati - Phase 2 13 Jul 2034 27 Aug 2036
Sade Sati - Phase 3 27 Aug 2036 22 Oct 2038
Sade Sati - Phase 3 05 Apr 2039 13 Jul 2039
Small Panoti Silver - 27 Jan 2041 06 Feb 2041
Small Panoti Silver - 26 Sep 2041 11 Dec 2043
Small Panoti Silver - 23 Jun 2044 30 Aug 2044
Small Panoti Gold - 25 Feb 2052 14 May 2054
Small Panoti Iron - 02 Sep 2054 05 Feb 2055
Sade Sati - Phase 1 11 Jul 2061 14 Feb 2062
Sade Sati - Phase 1 06 Mar 2062 24 Aug 2063
Sade Sati - Phase 2 24 Aug 2063 06 Feb 2064
Sade Sati - Phase 1 06 Feb 2064 09 May 2064
Sade Sati - Phase 2 09 May 2064 13 Oct 2065
Sade Sati - Phase 3 13 Oct 2065 04 Feb 2066
Sade Sati - Phase 2 04 Feb 2066 03 Jul 2066
Sade Sati - Phase 3 03 Jul 2066 30 Aug 2068
Small Panoti Copper - 04 Nov 2070 05 Feb 2073
Small Panoti Silver - 31 Mar 2073 23 Oct 2073
Small Panoti Silver - 12 Apr 2081 03 Aug 2081
Small Panoti Iron - 06 Jan 2082 20 Mar 2084
Sade Sati - Phase 1 19 Sep 2090 25 Oct 2090
Sade Sati - Phase 1 21 May 2091 02 Jul 2093
Sade Sati - Phase 2 02 Jul 2093 18 Aug 2095

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