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1Answer To Your Question
2Nakshatra Interpretation
3In depth House-wise Analysis
A. 1st House (Personality & Nature)
B. 2nd House (Wealth, Finance, Family)
C. 3rd House (Siblings & Social Communication)
D. 4th House (Domestic Life & Higher Academics)
E. 5th House (Education)
F. 6th House (Health & Fitness)
G. 7th House (Marriage & Conjugal Life)
H. 8th House (Discomforts & Obstructions)
I. 9th House (Luck & Higher Studies)
J. 10th House (Career & Karma)
K. 11th House (Gains & Benefits)
L. 12th House (Karmic Debts)
4Strength of your Horoscope
A. Favorable Yogas in Your Kundali
5Doshas in Your Kundali
A. Unfavorable Doshas In Your Kundali
6Mahadasha Analysis
7Your Birth Profile
A. Basic Details – Astrological Details – Panchang Details – Lucky Points
B. Avakhada Chakra – Ghaat Chakra – Nirayan Grah/Planetary Avastha – Ashtaka Varga
C. Permanent Friendship – Temporal Friendship – Five Fold Friendship
8Panchang Prediction
9Your Birth Charts
A. Ascendant/Birth Chart – Moon Chart – Sun Chart
B. Ashtaka Varga Chart – Bhava/Chalit Chart
C. D2 Chart To D60 Chart (Divisional charts for minute analysis)
10Personalized Remedial Solutions
11Sade Sati Table

Answer To Your Question

Dear Devdutt,

Let's discuss your question,

Avani's chart has some highly favourable planetary configurations which will act in her favour and will act as safeguard against all the odds and obstacles in her life. The strong placement of Ascendant Lord Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn indicate a successful and bright academic career. She will perform and score well in important examinations. Her chart indicates that she is blessed with intelligence and street smart wisdom. The calculative skills of Mercury, wisdom and knowledge of Jupiter and the power of Mars and strength of Saturn in her chart bring strong structure. Venus also indicates highly creative and fertile mind and strong grasping power which is required for success. So, she has all the required skills to get success and achieve her goal. She is likely to shine brightly in science, medical and technology stream. She may also have scopes for progress in paramedical stream. However, during early age, she may be scattering her energies in too many directions and that might restrict her progress to an extent. So, she must try to channelize her energies in right directions. As the age progresses, her talent may manifest strongly and she may start to achieve excellent results. She will have a long and prosperous life ahead however, I advise you to take care of her health till 4th year of life. Her immune system can be somewhat fragile during this early stage of her life. Her fitness level will get strength as her age progress. The suggested remedies will make her able to overcome the problems and to get success. However, she is too young to wear any gemstones so I advise her to wear the gemstone after 8th year of her life. You can however perform Puja for her better future. The detailed analysis of her horoscope is given below.

Nakshatra Interpretation

Nakshatras are the Self-illuminating celestial bodies in our Galaxy and they have very – very vital impact on human lives. You were born under Poorvashadha Nakshatra. So, let’s understand the impact of this Nakshatra on your life.

You can muster up great levels of creativity. Creativity is inbuilt in your nature, and you need to seek out some ways to express it. There is a certain forthrightness and forcefulness to the manner in which you go about your routine life. You respond positively to challenges, but must take care that you don't go off track simply to prove that you have the courage to do so. You are intelligent but you also have tendency to jump to a conclusion on the matters you deal with. Do not accept the challenge unless you are sure that you will benefit from it.

You have extra-ordinary convincing skills and you will not under any circumstance subdue to others, whether you are right or wrong. You are indecisive and tend to take impulsive decisions without considering pros and cons of the matter, if you are aroused by instigation. Your primary weaknesses are extravagance, impatience, indecisiveness, inability to focus. There will often be a conflict between respect for tradition and your freedom-loving inclinations. You possess a pronounced desire for full freedom and constant progress, combined with a healthy sense of humor and justice. You are religious.

In Depth House-Wise Analysis

1st House – Personality & Nature

The Lord of Ascendant is placed in the 4th house in its own sign and Moon is placed in the Ascendant. You will be intelligent and well educated. Your desires may get fulfilled. There might be times when you may feel a little insecure, and upset if you don’t get the desired results, but this will also encourage you to do well. Pessimism may come upon you at times. But then you need to keep your head high and realize that no hard work is ever wasted and that rewards will come to you later in life and you shouldn’t lose hope and stop striving hard. You will achieve your true potential eventually.

2nd House – Wealth, Finance, Family

The Lord of 2nd house Saturn is placed in the 2nd house. You may generally have warm and loving relationship with your beloved ones and family members. But, you must usually rely on diplomacy and tact when dealing with others rather than expressing your opinions and ideas unfettered. You have the inherent love for life and your sincere love and affection may generally get positive response from your family members. But, you are misunderstood many times by your beloved ones and that might cause heartburn.

You are capable of amassing a lot of wealth for yourself to make you financially secure. But, till the age of 28th year your desire to acquire a strong financial status may not get satisfied. However, you may have enough financial support and resource available hence you may not face any constraints. You will start getting the support of your luck after 28th year and you may have more earning opportunities after 36th year of your life. You will be able to earn well and all your financial desires or goals will be fulfilled in the period between 36th year and 44th year of your life. This could be the golden phase for you. Resources and support systems will be strong so, you can expect to have much more stability during the later half of your life.

3rd House – Siblings & Social Communication

The Lord of 3rd house is placed in the 2nd house. You definitely possess intellectual curiosity. Monotonous routine may bore you and you are constantly looking for variety which is good as change is essential in order to fully develop. As your ideas change at a moment's notice this makes you forever flexible and adaptable to any situation. Your mind can be quite emotional at times but make sure you are emotionally stable. Your chart indicates happiness from siblings. There may be some differences of opinion and frustration as well. But, using your individualized touch, you will be able to generate positivity in your relations. You will be efficiently use your charm and wit to get closer to your siblings and that will help you to avoid major problems and maintain a good rapport with them.

4th House – Domestic Life & Higher Academics

The Lord of 4th house is placed in its own house. You will have happiness at domestic front. You will be interested in learning and you would be successful on the academic front amid some obstacles and difficulties. You would own land and property. You will have an attachment towards your mother and your family. You may get wealth and benefits from your parents, profit through real estate, leisure and happy and fortunate life.

5th House – Education

The Lord of 5th house is placed in its own house with Rahu. You have a desire to reveal your creativity, either constructively or destructively. Here, it is important for you to take wise decisions. You will be interested in all forms of creative self- expression, such as sports, books, acting, the dramatic, games and romance and also possess the ability to enjoy life and to give enjoyment to others. Developing rational thinking is important, as impulsive and hyperactive thinking will bring difficulties.

You will be very particular about your studies and matters related to academics. Due to your strong educational qualifications, you will be able to establish yourself well professionally. There will be great support that you will receive from your family in matters related to education. However, in the beginning of your educational journey, your progress may be below your true potential but as your age progresses, your progress will pick up positive momentum and you may shine well in your higher education.

Potential to give and receive love is good at first glance. The placement of Venus in your chart indicates a strong need to love and to be loved. However, you fall in love at a blink of an eye and fall out just as quickly. Also, the placement of the Lord of the 5th House indicates some complications which may not allow you to enjoy the true colours of love relationship. Sometimes you fall in dilemma on how to proceed. There will be some delays and difficulties to face in matters related to conception and childbirth.

6th House – Health & Fitness

The Lord of 6th house Venus is placed in the 6th house. It indicates relatives from maternal family will be supportive towards you. You will be able to defeat your enemies in life. You will have reliable servants and faithful employees. You may have health issues related to the stomach. You are a warrior and would have fighting ability. You would be able to overcome adversaries and competitors. You would possess good skill in medical field.

You may have good resistance power and your immune system will remain strong which will help you to have a good health conditions. But, tension, anxiety, and emotional stress may cause illness. Your health will require care till 4th year of your life. Your health may improve as you grow. And there may not be much problems in your youth years barring some routine problems. However, your health may need extra care in the period between 42nd and 46th year of your life. Your health is likely to deteriorate from around 65th year.

7th House – Marriage & Conjugal Life

The Lord of 7th house is placed in its own house with Sun. Your chart indicates a strong need of a partner who can be complementary to you and can help boost your efficiency. You are not the one to relate well with easy going people, but gel well with those, who are intelligent, sharp and believe in enjoying the life. It would not be very easy to find the perfect companion and so you may spend time looking for one. Your marriage is likely to take place around 26th year of your life.

The Lord of the 7th House in your chart indicates that your spouse will be supportive towards you and he may belong to a sophisticated and an affluent family. You will gain through your spouse. You would be romantically attracted towards your spouse. You will get a lot of good chances and benefits due to marriage. Though you may enjoy great intimacy with your spouse, the vertical view of relationships may lead to conflicts and estrangement unless you are careful. However, as your life progresses, you will have much better rapport with your spouse after 34th year of your life.

8th House – Discomforts & Obstructions

The Lord of 8th house is placed in the Ascendant. So, you will be successful in acquiring ancestral property. You will have an interest in research and occult sciences. You will have difficulties in travels. It makes you prone to weak health. You may face challenges to fulfill your desires due to unknow fear or anxiety. You will be long-lived.

9th House – Luck & Higher Studies

The Lord of 9th house is placed in the 7th house. This is one of the finest possible placements. This placement indicates wealth, intelligence, divine grace, knowledge of scriptures and high degree of spirituality and philosophical inclination. You would gain profit from investment and will benefit from your mentor. You will have a long lifespan, gain happiness from children and they could be wealthy. You may shine well in your higher education.

10th House – Career & Karma

The Lord of 10th house is placed in the 7th house. The planetary influences in your chart indicates that you will be able to make good progress in your career. The only thing that you need to keep in mind, is that you will have to keep yourself motivated during the initial stages of your career. Your progress may be slow in the beginning of your career. As per the Dasha sequence and the impact of transiting planet, you are likely to get much better career opportunities from 28th year of your age. You will find higher elevation in your career in the period between 36th year and 44th year of your life. You can expect to work till the age of 64 and likely to end your career on a very positive note.

11th House – Gains & Benefits

Ketu is placed in the 11th house. The Lord of 11th house is placed in the 6th house. You will be blessed with numerous friends who would do anything to help you achieve your dreams and see you happy and you will do the same for them. These friends will be knowledgeable, smart, passionate, ambitious, idealistic. It’s always good to have a social circle, but you shouldn’t get carried away with all of this that you might land up in trouble. Sometimes due to the influence of others you might end up doing something that wouldn’t be appropriate. So you should refrain from such activities.

12th House – Karmic Debts

The Lord of 12th house is placed in the 5th house. You may have fortune and wealth at the foreign land. Your hidden enemies from some of close relatives may trouble you. You may have health issues related to the eyes. You may need to control your expenses otherwise it may cause debt issues. You would be interested in mystic and spiritual matters.

Strength Of Your Horoscope

Favorable Yogas In Your Kundali

Jupiter is placed in its own sign in the 4th house forms the Hamsa Yoga. It is one of the Pancha mahapurush Raj Yoga. Mars, Mercury and Saturn are also placed in their own signs. It will give very good results regarding the professional success. Due to the strong influence, you will possess strong and good character. You will earn respect and status in social arena by virtue of your good character and conduct. It will bestow positivity in the actions, promote good deeds in all spheres of life. It will not only bring success in career but also bring a good reputation and a name. It will harness good luck in profession and financial matters.

Weakness In Your Horoscope

Unfavorable Doshas In Your Kundali

Mangal-Rahu Angaraka Yog

The fiery planet Mars is all about vigour, vitality, aggression and action, while Rahu – the mysterious planet is the significator of the dark areas of life and the negative energies. Due to this combination, the crude and abundant energies of Mars get under the negative influence of Rahu, and thus the results are a violent temperament, argumentative nature, differences of opinion with people and extreme aggression. You will not be able to be at peace with things, and even if you manage to do so after a lot of difficulty, then there may be some incident taking place around you, which may provoke you. Moreover, the positive qualities of Mars will get subdued and masked due to Rahu's influence.

Mahadasha Analysis

VENUS MAHADASHA(12th July 2022 to 31st March 2040)

During this period, you are likely to show your talents effectively. But, you may be scattering your energies in too many directions and that might restrict your progress to an extent. Your health may also require care till 4th year of your age. However, as the age progresses, your fitness level will improve and your talent may manifest strongly. You may start to achieve better results after 10th year of life. You may receive ample support from your parents and mentors and that might help you sail through some difficult times successfully. Development during this Dasha will be gradual. You will have to control your energy and channelize in positive manner. The period around 16th year can be important for your love life and relationship. There are chances of a relationship however, you must avoid making any impulsive commitments at that age as your chart indicates troubles due to rash or emotional decision in matters related to love and relationship. The period from around 18th year will remain highly progressive for your higher education and you most probably join medical, paramedical or allied fields for your higher education.

SUN MAHADASHA( 31st March 2040 to 1st April 2046)

This may be a favorable phase for education. But, planetary influences during this phase may test your skills and patience both. Here you need to rely on your knowledge as you might feel pressure this time around. Planets may provide you with ample of opportunities to make progress in your studies and you will be able to take full advantage from around 20th year of your life. It will be essential for you to pay close attention to your studies in order to maintain your progress. The period between 21st and 24th year of your life may bring some good opportunities to show your skills and talents. Also, assistance of friends or mentors is likely to help you make good progress in your studies. You will achieve excellent results and that will be really helpful for your future growth.

MOON MAHADASHA( 1st April 2046 to 31st March 2056)

You are likely to begin your career around 25th year of your life. The period till 28th year of your life will be a period of trial and error. On a financial level, you are likely to get good opportunities to raise your status after 28th year. Your relatives may be supportive towards you. You will have a strong desire to amass wealth and you would enjoy the luxury and comforts through your money. However, looking for quick gain or for luxuries can bring commitment pressure. The period around 26th year will be important for your personal life and relationship as there are chances of marriage around this phase. The period around 32nd year will bring joy and happiness as there are chances of first child birth that time around.

MARS MAHADASHA( 31st March 2056 to 1st April 2063)

The period between 34th and 40th year will be a golden phase of your life. You will achieve tremendous success in your profession and there will be huge financial gains as well. It will help you keep the distress away and would bring prosperity and charm in your life. You will get opportunities to solve the unsolvable conflicts in your life. This is going to aid greatly in the making your life easier. You would get inclined towards fantastical and artistic aspects of your life and this phase would also bestow creativity. You will have to keep your temperament in control during this phase to realize your true potential.

RAHU MAHADASHA( 1st April 2063 to 31st March 2081)

During this phase, you may have to work hard for earning money. The period between 39th and 42nd year of your life can be difficult for your personal and professional life. Here you have to be very careful as your near and dear may harm your wealth. Your health will not be good in the period around 42nd year of your life. You will be prone to low vitality and health issues till 46th year of your life. This period would bring power and authority in your life gradually. You would acquire growth professionally and financially after overcoming every obstacle. You will find ease of working and overall good fortune at the professional front during this period after 44th year of your age. The period between 45th and 49th year of your life will be a progressive period for your career and finance both. You will have all kinds of material comfort during this phase. There can be some dampening impact on your career in the period between 50th and 55th year of your life. But, your graph will remain upward after 55th year.

JUPITER MAHADASHA(31st March 2081 to 31st March 2097)

You will be very obliged natured person and always ready to offer your hand in time of need. You may prove to be a person who always works keeping the value of time in mind with proper planning. This period will have many positive impacts in your life. You would grow financially and professionally, which would give you good respect from others. You will do well in your profession and likely to end your career on a very positive note around 64th year of your life. You would be interested in spiritual aspects and would involve in social deeds. Overall, the period would be filled with happiness and blessings of loved ones. You would do social deeds and involve in spirituality. Your fortune may boost and your family members would be supportive. On the negative side, you would have problems with your health as the period starting from 65th year of your life will be difficult for your health. You may have to take ample of rest as your health is likely to deteriorate further during 70s. The period between 73rd and 75th year of your life can be critical for your health.

Your Birth Profile

Basic Details

Gender Female
Date of Birth 12 July, 2022 Tuesday
Time of Birth (Hr. Min. Sec.) 19:15:00 PM Standard Time
Time Zone (Hrs. Mins.) -05:00 East of Greenwich
Moon Sign Sagittarius
Ascendant (Lagna) Sagittarius
Sun sign (Western) Cancer
Place of Birth Downtown Toronto
Country Canada
Longitude & Ltitude (Deg. Mins.) 79.22 West, 43.39 North
Ayanamsa Chitra Paksha = 24Deg. 09Min. 56Sec.

Astrological Details

Sign Lord Jupiter
Nakshatra Lord Venus
Charan 1
Name Alphabet Bha, Dha, Pha, Dha | भ, ध, फ, ढ
Nakshatra Charan Alphabet भू (Bhoo)
Paya Gold
Ascendant Lord Jupiter
Atma Karaka (Soul) - Karakamsa Saturn
Amatya Karaka (Inellect/Mind) Venus
Dasha System Vimshottari, Years = 365.25 Days

Panchang Details

Sunrise (Hrs. Mins.) 15:16
Sunset (Hrs. Mins.) 06:28
Local Mean Time (LMT) 21:39:20
Weekday Tuesday
Birth Star/Nakshatra Purvashadha
Tithi (Lunar Day) Poornima
Karan Vishti
Nithya Yoga Indra

Lucky Points

Favourable Days Thursday and Sunday
Favourable Color Yellow
Lucky Number 9,12
Inspiring Deity Shri Vishnu Ji
Lucky Direction East
Lucky Letter Sh, M, H and A
Favourable Metal Bronze
Avakhada Chakra
Karan Vishti
Nithya Yoga Indra
Varga Mushak
Varna Kshatriya
Tatva Agni
Vasya Chatushpad
Yoni Vanar
Gana Manushya
Yunja Antya
Nadi Madhya

What is Avakhada Chakra?

The table shown here contains various astrological terms which are obtained from your own Moon’s position. Hence, this table is very useful in Vedic Astrology as it shows your own personalized information. This helps the native to determine compatibility with others.

Ghaat Chakra

What is Ghaat Chakra?

As the name suggests, Ghaat literally means negative or inauspicious. This table shows your personalized negative phenomenon of Panchang in which you should take extra care and precaution. Plus, the suggested day, tithi, month, and nakshatra should also be avoided to initiate any new or auspicious work.

Month Shravana
Tithi Shukla Paksha Tritiya, Shukla Paksha Ashtmi, Shukla Paksha Trayodashi,
Day Friday
Nakshatra Bharani
Yog Vajra
Karan Taitil
Prahar First
Male Moon Pisces
Female Moon Virgo
Nirayan Grah / Planetary Avastha

What is Nirayan Grah?

The below table shows “Nirayana or Sidereal Planetary Positions” which is very essential to cast an accurate birth chart.

The planetary longitudes shown in below table is used in construction of other divisional charts (Varga kundali).

Planets Retrograde Sign Degrees Sign Lord Nakshatra Nakshatra Lord House
Lagna - Sagittarius 16:15:16 Jupiter Purvashadha Venus First
Sun False Gemini 26:27:39 Mercury Punarvasu Jupiter Seventh
Moon False Sagittarius 15:28:37 Jupiter Purvashadha Venus First
Mars False Aries 11:13:29 Mars Ashwini Ketu Fifth
Mercury False Gemini 21:54:24 Mercury Punarvasu Jupiter Seventh
Jupiter False Pisces 14:08:05 Jupiter Uttarabhadrapad Saturn Forth
Venus False Taurus 29:44:49 Venus Mrugshirsh Mars Sixth
Saturn True Capricorn 29:58:02 Saturn Dhanistha Mars Second
Rahu True Aries 25:05:06 Mars Bharani Venus Fifth
Ketu True Libra 25:05:06 Venus Vishakha Jupiter Eleventh
Harshal False Aries 24:01:05 Mars Bharani Venus Fifth
Neptune False Pisces 01:13:04 Jupiter Purvabhadrapad Jupiter Forth
Pluto False Capricorn 03:21:03 Saturn Uttarashadha Sun Second
Your Ashtakavarga Calculation

What is Ashtakavarga?

Ashtakavarga Theory is one of the finest predictive theories of Vedic Astrology. It uses the point system to work on karmic debts based on planetary positions in a chart. Ashta means eight and Varga means categorization and hence Ashtakavarga theory means eightfold categorization. It determines the strength of houses and planets including ascendants in eight folds. The nodes of the moon are excluded while determining the strengths. The strengths of the planets are determined on the basis of certain well-established rules. The strengths of each planet, as well as the power and intensity of its influence on the native, will totally be dependent on the placements of the remaining six planets and the ascendant in relation to it.

The strength of seven planets and ascendants is determined in a chart or tabular format. In this system, the planets and the ascendants are used as a reference point and 8 full points are assigned to each of them. The scores are given to the planets and ascendants ranging from 0 to 8 which is placed on different signs in a native chart. It also determines the possibility of transiting the planet in moving auspicious or other effects during its transitory motion on a particular planet. The major and minor events and their timings are mainly determined by the positioning of certain points. The score is totally dependent on how each planet is auspiciously or inauspiciously placed from the other. Each planet will earn different score which is again unique for all natives and helps them to know how a particular planet is favorable for them.

The planet that scores 0 is considered as the most inauspicious, score ranging from 1-3 are considered as inferior, 4 is said to be neutral and 5-8 is said to be auspicious and fortunate with the strength of increasing scores. The natives can take remedial measures depending on the negative or positive influences of the planets on the natives. They can prevent themselves from the unpleasant effects of it just by getting aware of consequences likely to happen due to its influence. The scores of the planets in the Ashtakavarga table are one of the best guides to help the natives to be aware of possible consequences likely to happen in the future.

Score V/S Effect

Score Effect
0 Inauspicious
1-3 Inferior
4 Neutral
5-8 Auspicious
Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Total
Mesh 5 2 5 4 6 5 3 30
Vrushabh 4 4 3 6 4 3 4 28
Mithun 1 5 0 2 7 2 3 20
Kark 4 1 2 5 3 4 2 21
Sinh 3 4 4 4 3 6 2 26
Kanya 4 6 2 4 5 3 3 27
Tula 6 4 7 7 6 5 3 38
Vrishchik 6 3 4 4 2 4 2 25
Dhan 2 5 3 3 4 5 2 24
Makar 4 5 3 6 6 5 4 33
Kumbh 6 5 4 5 4 5 5 34
Meen 3 5 2 4 6 5 6 31
-- 48493954565239337
Planetary Friendship Table

Permanent Friendship

This type of planetary friendship is based on planets’ nature and natural qualities. Thus, planets have some natural friends or enemies. Sometimes, they even remain neutral with some planets.

Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Sun --FriendFriendNeutralFriendEnemyEnemy
Moon Friend--NeutralFriendNeutralNeutralNeutral
Mars FriendFriend--EnemyFriendNeutralNeutral
Mercury FriendEnemyNeutral--NeutralFriendNeutral
Jupiter FriendFriendFriendEnemy--EnemyNeutral
Venus EnemyEnemyNeutralFriendNeutral--Friend
Saturn EnemyEnemyEnemyFriendNeutralFriend--

Temporal Friendship

This type of planetary friendship depends on how the planets are posited in any given chart. Planets posited in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th from another planet becomes its temporary friend. Others can be treated as temporary enemy.

Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Sun --EnemyFriendEnemyFriendFriendEnemy
Moon Enemy--EnemyEnemyFriendEnemyFriend
Mars FriendEnemy--FriendFriendFriendFriend
Mercury EnemyEnemyFriend--FriendFriendEnemy
Jupiter FriendFriendFriendFriend--FriendFriend
Venus FriendEnemyFriendFriendFriend--Enemy
Saturn EnemyFriendFriendEnemyFriendEnemy--

Five-fold Friendship

This is the combination or summation of the relationships arrived at under the Natural Friendship and the Temporary Friendship.

Planets Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Sun --NeutralGreat FriendEnemyGreat FriendNeutralGreat Enemy
Moon Neutral--EnemyNeutralFriendEnemyFriend
Mars Great FriendNeutral--NeutralGreat FriendFriendFriend
Mercury NeutralGreat EnemyFriend--FriendGreat FriendEnemy
Jupiter Great FriendGreat FriendGreat FriendNeutral--NeutralFriend
Venus NeutralGreat EnemyFriendGreat FriendFriend--Neutral
Saturn Great EnemyNeutralNeutralNeutralFriendNeutral--
Panchang Predictions
Day of Birth Tuesday
Birth Star (Nakshatra) Purvashadha
Lunar Day (Tithi) Poornima
Karanam Vishti
Nithya Yoga Indra

You are born on: Tuesday

As you were born on Tuesday, you are action-oriented having innovative nature. You will have a lot of energy to carry out actions at a quick pace. Sometimes, you naturally react directly and bluntly. You will be acknowledged for your excellence and risk-taking nature. You respond to life as though it was an adventure. You are strong-willed and engrossed with qualities of leadership. You are bold and fond of taking a risk.

Your Birth-Star (Nakshatra) is: Purvashadha

People born in Poorva Ashadha have a good physique with a tall body. They are intelligent, convincing, tend to get into arguments with others and prove their intelligence through the arguments. While they are good at advising others, they lack the necessary logical reasoning to take a well thought out decision. But there is a tendency to make decisions on impulse and these generally result in making a fool of these people.

Lunar Day (Tithi): Poornima

Favourable Signs

All signs

Results based on the date of birth

The natives born on Poornima tithi will use powers of persuasion, bribery, force and division to achieve their goals. They have positive ideas, worships Devi and suffers for 8 days in a month from problems spawned by self

Karanam: Vishti

You have sound qualities to keep secrets, strategize military attacks, or defeat enemies of scale. You are not someone who reveals his true emotions to most people and may exhibit adamant nature in certain situations. However, you have built-in spider sense to preempt the danger and take corrective action to avoid it. You may be blessed with vast knowledge of history. You may feel misunderstood by your closed ones more often than not.

Nithya Yoga: Indra

The individuals born in this yoga are well off and find fame and recognition in social work or politics. They are endowed with transport, residence and other luxuries of life. They serve other people and are counted among the most important personages by people.

Ascendant / Birth Chart
Birth Chart

About Ascendant / Birth Chart

In Vedic Astrology, the Birth Chart is also known as Lagna kundali, Janam kundali and Ascendant Chart. The sign which rises in East direction at the time and place of your birth will become your Lagna Sign or Ascending Sign and that will give rise to your Lagna kundali or Janam kundali. This is the most important chart among all divisional charts.

Moon Chart

About Moon Chart

Moon Chart or Chandra kundali has also the greater importance in Vedic Astrology predictions. A Chandra kundali is prepared keeping the placement of natal Moon in the 1st house and the rest of the planets are placed accordingly. In other words, we need to rotate the Birth Chart to bring the Moon in the 1st house.

Moon Chart
Sun Chart
Sun kundali

About Sun Chart

Sun Chart or Surya kundali is derived by keeping the placement of natal Sun in the 1st house. This chart is also known as Sunrise Chart.

In other words, a Surya kundali, is determined by the Sun, neither by Ascendant nor by Moon, and is therefore a chart that only applies to the expression of the Sun, our core identity.


About Ashtakavarga

Ashtakvarga Theory is one of the most easiest theories of Vedic Astrology to determine the strength of house and planets too.

In Ashtakvarga Theory, the replication of planetary strength or house strength can be provided in charts or tabular format.

By using Ashtakvarga charts or tables, one can conclude many things just by looking at the scores given in either chart or tables.

Akshavedamsha kundali
Bhava / Chalit Chart
Chalit kundali

About Bhava / Chalit Chart

In Vedic Astrology, planetary longitudes play a vital role in forecasting. It is not necessary that two planets posited in the same sign (house) give the results of that house. Simply, planets falling in any sign is not important because sometimes signs and houses overlap to each others.

Hence, Chalit kundali is the purification of Lagna kundali and therefore Chalit kundali is derived from Lagna kundali.

D2 – Hora Chart

About D2 – Hora Chart

Hora kundali tells us about a person’s wealth and financial prosperity.

The Hora chart is divided into 2 parts. It has only 2 Lagnas/Rashis – Cancer & Leo.

All the first 15 degrees of male Rashis (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius) come under Leo. The next 15 degrees come under Cancer. On the other hand, all the first 15 degrees of female Rashis (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces) come under Cancer. The next 15 degrees come under Leo.

D2 Hora Chart
D3 – Dreshkhamsha kundali
Dreshkhamsha kundali

About D3 – Dreshkhamsha kundali – Deccan Chart – Drekkana Chart

Drekkana Chart reveals the hidden aspects of 3rd house of Birth Chart. In other words, it is an extension of 3rd house of Birth Chart.

It can reveal hidden aspects of siblings – brothers and sisters, communication, short distance travel, writing, listening, upper arm, relatives, neighbours, bravery, valour, courage, optimism, hard work, adventure.

D4 - Chaturthamsha Kundli

About D4 - Chaturthamsha Kundli

The fourth divisional chart is known as Chaturthamsha. This chart deals with the prognosis for material comfort and the effects upon Dhana bhava. D-4 can verify the character of a planet that produces the foundational corporal and cultural securities. Let’s look within the D-4 chart to confirm the actual power of karaka Chandra or Moon.

D4 - Chaturthamsha Kundli
D5 – Panchamsa Kundli
D5 – Panchamsa Kundli

About D5 – Panchamsa Kundli

The fifth divisional chart is known as Panchamsa. This charts deals with fame, authority, and power. This chart represents two aspects of the Universe, namely – (1) Spirit or Energy or Atma – the spirituality of the native, and (2) Material Nature -the material aspects of life. The Panchamsa Divisional chart represents spirituality in the native, and his ability to separate two constituents (Spirit and Material) of the Universe or within himself like the saints.

D6 – Shashtamsha Kundli

About D6 – Shashtamsha Kundli

The D6 divisional chart is widely known as Shashtamsha Kundli which technically deals with areas denoted by 6th house in a birth chart. This method is derived from the Tajika School of Astrology. This chart represents daily wages (routine income), enemies & competitors, maternal relatives, benefits from wills and insurance claims, servants-services, litigation & debts, general illness. This chart has to be analyzed as a reference to the 6th house of birth chart.

D6 – Shashtamsha Kundli
D7 – Saptmansh Kundali
D7 – Saptmansh kundali

About D7 – Saptmansh kundali

D/7 Chart of Saptmansh chart is a divisional chart which is used for the analysis of child birth and happiness associated with the children. Strength or weakness of the 5th house of child happiness in the birth chart and the Saptmansh chart gives us an idea about the happiness associated with the child birth. Also, conception period and the time of the child birth can be studied through the Saptmansh chart. It can also indicate any problems related to the delay or problems in the conception of the child. Child’s fate can also be studied through the Saptmansh chart.

D8 – Ashtmansa Kundli

About D8 – Ashtmansa Kundli

The eighth divisional chart is known as Ashtamsa. This chart indicates sudden and unexpected experiences and troubles including litigation or major accidents. It also indicates major challenges and crises in an individual’s life.

D8 – Ashtmansa Kundli
D9 – Navmasha kundali
Navmasha kundali

About D9 – Navmasha kundali

Navmasha simply means 9th division of sign. Navmasha Chart has been given prime importance in Vedic Predictive Astrology. It is also Known as D-9 chart as well.

Navmasha Chart is constructed from Birth Chart and hence it works in relation with birth chart.

D10 – Dashamsha Kundli

About D10 – Dashamsha Kundli

The 10th House represents the Karma or Profession. Hence, Dashamsha chart is the 10th division of a birth chart. It reveals native's complete career life along with achievements in detail. Dashamsha chart represents the profession and is to be used for detailed analysis while profiling one’s career.

D10 – Dashamsha Kundli
D11 – Labhamsa / Ekadashansh Kundli
D11 – Labhamsa / Ekadashansh Kundli

About D11 – Labhamsa / Ekadashansh Kundli

This is another one of the non-parashari divisional charts, derived from the Tajika School of Astrology. Ekadashansh is another popular name of D11 chart. This divisional chart represents gains of all the nature, income-wealth acquisition, fulfillment of desires, nature of earning, rewards & recognitions, profits and returns, elder brother, material enjoyments, legs, left ear, left upper limb, recovery from disease. This chart has to be analyzed as a reference to the 11th house of birth chart.

D12 – Dwadashansh Kundali

About 12 – Dwadashansh Kundali

Basically, the D-12 chart reveals hidden aspects of Parents (Paternal and Maternal Legacies).

Various matters related to parents like happiness from his parents, comforts and longevity of the parents, social and financial status of parents etc.

The 12 divisions of each sign have been assigned to 4 deities. This is an unique method to strengthen the planet (if needed) on different division by worshiping the deity indicated. By doing so the malefic effects of the planet, either during the Dasha period or transit.

Dwadashansh Kundali
D16 – Shodashamsha Kundli
D16 – Shodashamsha Kundli

About D16 – Shodashamsha Kundli

The sixteenth divisional chart is known as Shodashamsha. It is used to analyze the native’s attachments, and happiness from conveyances and luxuries. The examination of various lords of natal horoscope in shodashamsha chart helps to understand the level of happiness. It also helps to examine the respective signification represented by the natal lords.

D20 – Vimshamsha Kundli

About D20 – Vimshamsha Kundli

The twentieth divisional chart is known as Vimshamsha. For D20 chart, we divide any sign into 20 parts with 1 Degree 30 seconds assigned for each part. We look for this chart to see spiritual growth. It is also looked for Guru Shishya parampara or related activities. It shows the religious practices & inclinations of the person in religious activities. The chart shows esoteric purpose of native’s life.

D20 – Vimshamsha Kundli
D24 – Chaturvimshamsha Kundli
D24 – Chaturvimshamsha Kundli

About D24 – Chaturvimshamsha Kundli

The twenty-fourth divisional chart is known as Chaturvimshamsha. D24 chart is our ability to come to a deeper understanding. It is the chart of education, but specifically it is called the chart of “perfect erudition”. The perfect knowledge comes by letting go of our illusions, which is the domain of the 12th house. So the D24 is as much about un-learning as it is about learning.

D27 – Saptavimshamsha Kundli

About D27 – Saptavimshamsha Kundli

The twenty-seventh divisional chart is known as Saptavimshamsha. This chart indicates general vitality, and the ability to rise to the occasion. The chart can often change if the birth time is off by a few minutes. General strengths and weaknesses, physical strength, stamina and weakness can be seen from this chart.

D27 – Saptavimshamsha  Kundli
D30 – Trimshamsha Kundli
D30 – Trimshamsha Kundli

About D30 – Trimshamsha Kundli

The thirtieth divisional chart is known as Trimshamsha. According to Sage Parashara, all sorts of Arishtas (Evils) fall in the province of Trimshamsha. The term Arishta is used in the sense of things that are not desired or unwanted. Thus the failures, accidents, lack of physical as well as mental comforts and calamities should be checked from this chart.

D40 – Khavedamsha Kundli

About D40 – Khavedamsha Kundli

The fortieth divisional chart is known as Khavedamsha. The chart has primarily to do with happiness and professional activities. It gives information about the positive or auspicious circumstances or events of an individual's life. It could be connected to auspiciousness of planets or houses in the horoscope or even lagna or ascendant.

D40 – Khavedamsha Kundli
D45 – Akshavedamsha Kundli
D45 – Akshavedamsha Kundli

About D45 – Akshavedamsha Kundli

The forty-fifth divisional chart is known as Akshavedamsha. The chart indicates fortune, father, his ancestors and religious activities of a native. During an examination of the horoscope, D-45 or Akshavedamsha chart helps to examine all aspects of life. It can also predicts how the person conducts himself or herself.

D60 – Shashtiamsha Kundli

About D60 – Shashtiamsha Kundli

The sixtieth divisional chart is known as Shashtiamsha. D60 chart is used to understand your past lives and karma. It hides the clue for this birth, and whatever you are experiencing in this life. The chart has a very strong role in predicting our life and destiny as it connects our current life to our past life, Rishi Parashara says about the emphasis been given to Shashtiamsha.

D60 – Shashtiamsha Kundli
Sade Sati Calculation
Panoti Paya Phase Entry Date End Date
Sade Sati - Phase 3 12 Jul 2022 17 Jan 2023
Small Panoti Silver - 29 Mar 2025 03 Jun 2027
Small Panoti Iron - 03 Jun 2027 23 Feb 2028
Small Panoti Copper - 13 Jul 2034 27 Aug 2036
Sade Sati - Phase 1 11 Dec 2043 23 Jun 2044
Sade Sati - Phase 1 30 Aug 2044 07 Dec 2046
Sade Sati - Phase 2 07 Dec 2046 06 Mar 2049
Sade Sati - Phase 3 06 Mar 2049 10 Jul 2049
Sade Sati - Phase 2 10 Jul 2049 04 Dec 2049
Sade Sati - Phase 3 04 Dec 2049 25 Feb 2052
Small Panoti Silver - 14 May 2054 02 Sep 2054
Small Panoti Silver - 05 Feb 2055 07 Apr 2057
Small Panoti Iron - 24 Aug 2063 06 Feb 2064
Small Panoti Copper - 09 May 2064 13 Oct 2065
Small Panoti Copper - 04 Feb 2066 03 Jul 2066
Sade Sati - Phase 1 05 Feb 2073 31 Mar 2073
Sade Sati - Phase 1 23 Oct 2073 16 Jan 2076
Sade Sati - Phase 2 16 Jan 2076 10 Jul 2076
Sade Sati - Phase 1 10 Jul 2076 11 Oct 2076
Sade Sati - Phase 2 11 Oct 2076 14 Jan 2079
Sade Sati - Phase 3 14 Jan 2079 12 Apr 2081
Sade Sati - Phase 3 03 Aug 2081 06 Jan 2082
Small Panoti Silver - 20 Mar 2084 21 May 2086
Small Panoti Copper - 21 May 2086 08 Feb 2087
Small Panoti Copper - 02 Jul 2093 18 Aug 2095

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