Saturn Transit - Sade Sati Report


2012-01-01 14:51

Singapore Roads,Central Region,Central Region,Singapore

Answer To Your Question

Dear Devdutt, the direct answer to your question is, from professional point of view, it may bring a slight change in your position. If you want to change your job, this transition of Saturn will give you the chance to make the change in your job and the position too as it will be the time of small Panoti and it always brings the change in the position. Fortunate for you, the Dasha of your 10th lord is in operation, the lord of house of professional growth and it is a positive to elevate you in your career after 14th July 2023, when the Dasha of Saturn will also be in operation along with its transit to elevate you and your position both. So, need not take any stress rather you should be thankful to Lord Saturn. As a precaution you must be cooperative with your subordinates and try to help the poor and needy people as and when possible, for you.

Saturn In Your Birth Chart

Saturn is the Lord of 4th house and 5th house in your chart, and it is placed in the 11th house in Leo sign. This suggests that you will have happiness on the domestic front. You will be interested in learning, and you would be successful on the academic front. You would earn through learning. You would own land and property. You will have an attachment towards your mother and your family. You may get wealth and benefits from mother, profit through real estate, leisure and happy and fortunate life. You have a supportive and friendly attitude. You would mostly get what you want or desire for. The Lord of 5th house Saturn suggests that you will be successful on the academic front. Your immune system will be strong. You could be successful in the consulting business. You will have happiness from your children. It denotes profits from your children, an extensive network of influential friends, great wealth, plentiful opportunities, success in all undertakings, fulfilled desires. You would also benefit from your eldest sibling. Long term and strategic investments may bring high rewards. Saturn in Leo sign indicates that you are a person who is practical in your approach, have high levels of self-discipline and inner strength, which makes you a very strong and attractive personality. You are a person with a strong willpower and determination. The level of discipline that you have will enable you to achieve your goals sooner. Though you are very sympathetic in nature, your level of empathy might be quiet low as you will experience a lot of difficulties when it comes to an understanding of other people's ambitions, dreams and goals. One most important thing that you have to learn this year is tolerance. Well speaking about the negative aspects, you can be opinionated, vindictive, cold and uncaring with a tendency to get quite aggravated if your plans are met with opposition. Sometimes you just have to learn to work in a group. The opposition is something that happens naturally while working with people, and sometimes it can be healthy. This 'shouldn't make you get hyper and aggressive.

Description On Saturn’s 1st Phase Of Sade Sati

“ We are glad to inform you that you are currently not going through the Sade Sati and your Sade Sati will commence on 30th May 2032 and will end on 12th July 2039.

Saturn’s Transit Through Aquarius

Saturn in 5th House

Due to the transit of Saturn through the 5th House, you would ideally focus on your love life and possibly your children, if any. This is an ideal period for you to affirm your romantic relationships. You may enter a relationship with someone with a substantial age difference, ideally someone older. If you have children, you may face differences with them, which you have to deal with. In case you do not have children yet, this could be the period you become a parent. The 5th House is also related to speculation and gambling; with the transiting Saturn, Ganesha recommends you avoid gambling of any sort during this period.

Saturn’s Aspects

Saturn’s aspect on 7th house

For your ascendant, Saturn is considered as a functional benefic because of its 5th house Lordship. 7th house deals with partner and conjugal life. You may have romantic time with the life partner; however, it will be in phases only. There may be periods of unrest and difference of opinion also, but you will be able to sort out the differences by your logical understanding. Matured behavior would be expected from both sides for a relation to grow and prosper. Spending time with each other and taking short breaks would be essential for you to come close and maintain mutual love between couple.

Saturn’s aspect on 11th house

11th house deals with house of gains. Finance will be your buzzword in this period. You shall continue to look for greener pastures, finding satisfying means to generate more revenue. If you are a professional, you may look for more lucrative career options. However, you may have to spend money on maintaining vehicles or carrying out renovations at home. This is also a good time to invest discreetly. You shall shuffle money across your accounts, transfer sums and what not in the inevitable pursuit of multiplying it. Some people especially professionals may get increment in remuneration which give them financial facelift.

Saturn’s aspect on 2nd house

2nd house is considered as house of finance and income. For financial progress and for receiving honors, the position is favourable. You will become righteous and will become victorious in case of conflicts. You will have much better scope and opportunities vis-à-vis finance. You should minimize lending or borrowing and also avoid speculative investments; these will help you to fulfill your financial commitments. Saturn’s aspect demands strict discipline with monetary matter and orthodox approach therefore do not do anything uncanny or outlandish which can upset the applecart. You may have gains from trading activities. Accumulated savings may enhance to some extent.

Impact Of The Transit

Impact On Your Career

The transition of Saturn after 18th July 2023 would bring the positive change in your professional sector. Saturn is 11th in your natal chart and it is aspecting its own house, and in transit too, it is 5th from ascendant is another good position, despite its Panoti. There may be increase number of competitors and their activities too between 6th May and 18th July 2023 and between 4th September and 30th November 2023. This may create some stress and emotional issue too. Despite these issues of Saturn’s small panoti the dasha and the transit of Jupiter will support you. You may think to change your workplace or residence as mentioned above.

This transition will bring the change in your financial position. You must keep in mind of avoiding the speculative investments. In your chart, the conjunction of Moon and Mars is in the 10th house, is creating the Chandra-Mangal yoga, this instigates a person to make speculative and risky investments, this may create some financial losses also, if the check is not there on the investments. The issue of concern regarding your finances the below average strength of your 11th lord Sun, although it is in the 2nd house creating the Dhan yoga, but always affects your savings. So, you must worship Lord Sun by reciting Gayatri mantra to improve your financial position not only in this transition but throughout your life.

Impact On Your Personal Life

Personal life may demand your attention, and you must be polite with your life partner throughout this transition. As Saturn has the aspect on the 7th house and apart from it Rahu is transiting in the 7th house till October 2023, may affect the harmony in the relationship. The irritation in your behavior may affect your relationship in this transition. Do not mingle professional and personal life, it must be dealt separately. The health of your spouse may also demand some attention till 30th October 2023. This is the time of testing the relationship and proving yourself to be a caring person for your family members. You must avail this chance to prove yourself as loving and caring person either with your spouse or for your family members. Apart from Saturn’s aspect over 7th house, the transit of Ketu over your ascendant makes you reactive occasionally, this may affect your close relationship. Special check is needed towards your personal life will be till October 2023 and between 7th January 2024 and 10th February 2024.

Practical Tip

If possible, you should start recitation of Gayatri mantra 7 times a day and 11 times on Sunday.

You should also help the poor and needy people to get the blessing of Lord Saturn, whenever and however possible for you on Saturdays.


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Birth Particulars
Gender Male Latitude 1N16
Birth Date 01 Jan 2012 Longitude 103E54
Birth Day Friday Lagna Libra-20:33:19
Birth Time 05:10 hrs Aynamsh 23:32:43
Birth Place Singapore Roads Moon Sign Cancer
Country Singapore Birth Nakshatra Aashlesha
Timezone 0800 hrs Nakshatra Pada 2
Avakhada Chakra (Your Birth Panchang)
Description: The table shown here contains various astrological terms which are obtained from your own Moon's position. Hence, this table is very useful in Vedic Astrology as it shows your own personalized information. This helps the native to determine the compatibility with others.
Birth Yog Endra Birth Vasya Jalchar
Birth Karan Vanij Birth Yoni Manjar
Birth Varga Swan Birth Gana Rakshas
Birth Varna Brahmin Birth Yunja Madhya
Birth Tatva Vari Birth Nadi Antya
Ghaat Chakra
Description: As the name suggests, Ghaat literally means negative or inauspicious. This table shows your personalized negative phenomenon of Panchang in which you should take extra care and precaution. Plus, the suggested day, tithi, month, nakshatra etc... should also be avoided to initiate any new or auspicious work.
Month Posha Tithi Krishnashashti
Day Wednesday Nakshatra Anuradha
Yog Vyaghaat Karan Naag
Prahar First MaleMoon Leo
FemaleMoon Pisces
Lagna Kundali
Lagna Kundali
Nirayan Grah
Grah Rashi-Ansh Nakshatra-Pad Ra Swa Na Swa Awastha
Lagna Libra- 20:33:19 Vishakha -1 Venus Jupiter Vruddha
Sun Scorpio- 16:02:04 Anuradha -4 Mars Saturn Yuva
Moon Cancer- 23:11:27 Aashlesha -2 Moon Mercury Kumar
Mars Nicchano Cancer- 17:15:20 Aashlesha -1 Moon Mercury Yuva
Mercury Sagittarius- 07:07:22 Mool -3 Jupiter Ketu Kumar
Jupiter Gemini- 10:14:59 Aadra -2 Mercury Rahu Kumar
Venus Scorpio- 03:41:25 Anuradha -1 Mars Saturn Mruta
Saturn Leo- 06:55:09 Magha -3 Sun Ketu Kumar
Rahu Virgo- 18:38:55 Hast -3 Mercury Moon Kumar
Ketu Pisces- 18:38:55 Revati -1 Jupiter Mercury Kumar
Harshal Libra- 20:13:48 Vishakha -1 Venus Jupiter Vruddha
Neptune Scorpio- 22:05:02-C Jyestha -2 Mars Mercury Kumar
Pluto Virgo- 22:29:02 Hast -4 Mercury Moon Kumar

Moon Chart

Moon Chart


Navamsha Chart
Ashtakavarga Kundli
Ashtakavarga Kundli
Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardashas

Mercury (17y) Age -8

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Mercury 16 Aug 1969 11 Jan 1972
Ketu 11 Jan 1972 07 Jan 1973
Venus 07 Jan 1973 06 Nov 1975
Sun 06 Nov 1975 11 Sep 1976
Moon 11 Sep 1976 10 Feb 1978
Mars 10 Feb 1978 07 Feb 1979
Rahu 07 Feb 1979 25 Aug 1981
Jupiter 25 Aug 1981 30 Nov 1983
Saturn 30 Nov 1983 07 Aug 1986

Ketu (7y) Age 8

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Ketu 07 Aug 1986 03 Jan 1987
Venus 03 Jan 1987 04 Mar 1988
Sun 04 Mar 1988 10 Jul 1988
Moon 10 Jul 1988 08 Feb 1989
Mars 08 Feb 1989 07 Jul 1989
Rahu 07 Jul 1989 25 Jul 1990
Jupiter 25 Jul 1990 01 Jul 1991
Saturn 01 Jul 1991 08 Aug 1992
Mercury 08 Aug 1992 05 Aug 1993

Venus (20y) Age 15

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Venus 05 Aug 1993 02 Dec 1996
Sun 02 Dec 1996 02 Dec 1997
Moon 02 Dec 1997 02 Aug 1999
Mars 02 Aug 1999 01 Oct 2000
Rahu 01 Oct 2000 30 Sep 2003
Jupiter 30 Sep 2003 29 May 2006
Saturn 29 May 2006 27 Jul 2009
Mercury 27 Jul 2009 25 May 2012
Ketu 25 May 2012 25 Jul 2013

Sun (6y) Age 35

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Sun 25 Jul 2013 12 Nov 2013
Moon 12 Nov 2013 14 May 2014
Mars 14 May 2014 19 Sep 2014
Rahu 19 Sep 2014 13 Aug 2015
Jupiter 13 Aug 2015 31 May 2016
Saturn 31 May 2016 13 May 2017
Mercury 13 May 2017 19 Mar 2018
Ketu 19 Mar 2018 25 Jul 2018
Venus 25 Jul 2018 25 Jul 2019

Moon (10y) Age 41

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Moon 25 Jul 2019 24 May 2020
Mars 24 May 2020 23 Dec 2020
Rahu 23 Dec 2020 23 Jun 2022
Jupiter 23 Jun 2022 22 Oct 2023
Saturn 22 Oct 2023 22 May 2025
Mercury 22 May 2025 21 Oct 2026
Ketu 21 Oct 2026 22 May 2027
Venus 22 May 2027 19 Jan 2029
Sun 19 Jan 2029 21 Jul 2029

Mars (7y) Age 51

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Mars 21 Jul 2029 17 Dec 2029
Rahu 17 Dec 2029 04 Jan 2031
Jupiter 04 Jan 2031 11 Dec 2031
Saturn 11 Dec 2031 18 Jan 2033
Mercury 18 Jan 2033 15 Jan 2034
Ketu 15 Jan 2034 13 Jun 2034
Venus 13 Jun 2034 13 Aug 2035
Sun 13 Aug 2035 19 Dec 2035
Moon 19 Dec 2035 19 Jul 2036

Rahu (18y) Age 58

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Rahu 19 Jul 2036 30 Mar 2039
Jupiter 30 Mar 2039 21 Aug 2041
Saturn 21 Aug 2041 25 Jun 2044
Mercury 25 Jun 2044 11 Jan 2047
Ketu 11 Jan 2047 29 Jan 2048
Venus 29 Jan 2048 27 Jan 2051
Sun 27 Jan 2051 21 Dec 2051
Moon 21 Dec 2051 20 Jun 2053
Mars 20 Jun 2053 08 Jul 2054

Jupiter (16y) Age 76

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Jupiter 08 Jul 2054 24 Aug 2056
Saturn 24 Aug 2056 06 Mar 2059
Mercury 06 Mar 2059 10 Jun 2061
Ketu 10 Jun 2061 17 May 2062
Venus 17 May 2062 13 Jan 2065
Sun 13 Jan 2065 01 Nov 2065
Moon 01 Nov 2065 02 Mar 2067
Mars 02 Mar 2067 06 Feb 2068
Rahu 06 Feb 2068 30 Jun 2070

Saturn (19y) Age 92

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Saturn 30 Jun 2070 01 Jul 2073
Mercury 01 Jul 2073 08 Mar 2076
Ketu 08 Mar 2076 16 Apr 2077
Venus 16 Apr 2077 14 Jun 2080
Sun 14 Jun 2080 27 May 2081
Moon 27 May 2081 26 Dec 2082
Mars 26 Dec 2082 03 Feb 2084
Rahu 03 Feb 2084 08 Dec 2086
Jupiter 08 Dec 2086 19 Jun 2089

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The Team