Child Birth Related Problems – Acharya Bhattacharya

Child Birth Related Problems – Acharya Bhattacharya


Are you eagerly waiting for parenthood? Has the dream of a child become difficult? Our expert astrologers will analyse the birth charts of yours and your partner. They would analyse whether there are any hindrances in the birth chart suggesting delayed parenthood or problematic child birth.




What Child Birth Related Problems Report Promises?

Know Your Obstacles Know the hindrances to childbirth in your chart and do away with them

Best Astrologers To Your Rescue Report prepared by the astrologers having 20+ years of experience

Vedic Remedies For You Remedial Suggestions by Experts for child related Issues

Totally Accurate & Handwritten Rest assured, your solutions are 100% Proven and Manual


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The planetary positions in your Birth Chart can indicate the problems you are facing or may face in future, related to child birth. Through Vedic astrology, many concerns about conception or the pregnancy period or even adoption can be addressed, thereby bringing you immense peace of mind. Sometimes, all you need is assurance, and this Report, with its clear answer, shall bring you that and more.

You and your partner are an equal part of the conception process, and that is why Astrology deems it best to consider both the partners’ Horoscopes to arrive at a 100% reliable and accurate answer, pertaining to the issue of Child-birth. However, by looking at your Chart only, it is possible to predict whether you can be a parent or not and when, but to arrive at an absolutely reliable answer, we will need your partner’s complete birth details.

Absolutely yes. We ensure that all the information you provide us as our customers is kept strictly confidential, and is employed only for the astrological calculations.

We treat all our customers with utmost respect and care. For the same reason, we do not share any of our customers’ contact details as a policy, as it is important for us to honour the confidentiality clause.

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