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About Me

Brief Introduction

Acharya Ved aims to magnify every client’s issues in detail while providing remedies that will not cause any disruption to their daily routine. This favourably showcases the reason behind his successful 18000+ clients which also includes lots of renowned business entities. Acharya Ved approaches all his clients on a personal level and tries to resonate with all of their issues.

Why Astrology as a Career?

A 17-year-old kid who learnt astrology through print mediums predicts one of his friend’s future. Eight years down the line his friend called him in amazement, informing him how his life turned exactly the way Ved predicted. Until then Acharya Ved was already a law graduate but his passion for astrology never faded. Later he converted his passion to perform and eventually performance to a career path. Today he is viewed amongst one of the best and well-educated astrologers in India. Acharya Ved’s virtuous and honest ability has navigated lots of people’s lives. He is a three-time gold medalist while pursuing his diploma in Vedic astrology. Giving services for more than two decades he has got immense knowledge in the field of Vedic Vidya.

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