Kundli Matching – Acharya Bhattacharya

Kundli Matching – Acharya Bhattacharya


When it comes to marriage, the bond between two individuals is quite important. But how to know if the marriage will be successful? Here’s where Kundli Matching comes in. Kundali matching is a Vedic study of a couple’s compatibility. From determining the couple’s equation to the uncertainty of marriage, Matching Kundli ensures that married life is joyful, healthy, and blissful.




What Kundli Matching Report Promises?

Free Answer To Your Question Get your specific concern solved by Our Expert Astrologers.

Accurate Predictions Gain precise astrological highlights of you & your partner’s horoscope.

Guna & Dosha Analysis Know Guna matching score and if there is any Dosha present in kundli related to marriage.

Pros & Cons Of Your Relationship Know the positive and negative sides of your relationship.

Report Conclusion Get a clear idea about the possible outcome of a relationship with a prospective life partner.


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Kundali matching is the most ancient yet the most reliable method of analysing a couple’s relationship potential in marriage. Getting a Kundali matching done in advance is like a necessary precaution that you should take to ensure your married life is blissful. In this Report, we touch upon essential areas like Gunas for harmony, child-birth and Naadi Dosha.

To get a real, in-depth analysis on a relationship issue, it is best to have your and your partner’s full birth data. Hence, for services like Kundali Matching and Couple Analysis, birth data of both the partners is a must.

In Kundali matching, we focus on marriage as the outcome of a relationship, and elaborate on the related aspects like Naadi Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Shani Dosha, child-birth, old age etc. While, in Couple Analysis, we analyse your compatibility as a couple, and give you your and your partner’s positive and negative traits with appropriate remedies.

For approving a marriage, at least 18 gunas out of 36 gunas must match. If it is less than 18 then the proposed match is not approved.

A successful arranged or love marriage is the result of the constant hard work of two people to love and understand each other. Kundali matching indicates the peaks and valleys in your relationship based on your birth charts. It gives you an insight into what is in store from the union and whether it is advisable to move ahead.

Absolutely yes. Just call us on 0091-79-6160-4140 (10.30 AM to 7.00 PM IST) or send us an email on and we will take care of the rest of the process for you. You will get a clear idea about the possible outcome of a relationship with a prospective life partner.

Following the suggested solutions will ensure that your relationship stays beautiful and blissful for ever and ever.

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