Ganesh Puja

Ganesh Puja

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Lord Ganesha is associated with auspiciousness. By worshipping Lord Ganesha, one can bring good health, knowledge, wealth, peace, and prosperity to his/her life. Lord Ganesha is the chief deity to be worshipped. There are many Prayers, Mantras & Aarti in our ancient scriptures to appease Lord Ganesha. However, Ganapati Atharvashirsh is the most important and powerful prayer to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Why You Should Book Online Ganesha Puja With GaneshaSpeaks?

  • Personalized Puja performed according to Vedic standards and procedures by our Vedic priest.
  • The designated Panditji will perform only one puja at a time (Puja Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours). Also, your Sankalp will be taken in order to align Puja with your purpose and make it personalized.
  • Use of high-quality Puja Samagri to generate a considerable amount of positive energy.
  • Virtually participate in live puja performed by our Vedic priests via Google meet.
  • Convenient and transparent online Puja with guaranteed punctuality and authenticity by GaneshaSpeaks Team.


Need Guidance?


How Ganesh Puja works?

  • Shodashopachara Puja is performed with Vedic hymns. It includes sixteen ritual services to worship Lord Ganesha. The main aim of this Vedic ritual is to raise your five senses and remove negative energies coming your way. Furthermore, necessary puja materials are offered to Lord Ganesha while conducting Ganesha puja. Then, Durva, Sindoor, and other precious ornaments are offered by reciting 51 Ganapati Atharvashirsha. This hymn has the ability to create a protective shield that protects you from distress and negative energies.

Performing Ganesh Puja can confer you with the following benefits:

  • Removes obstacles and protects you from enemies
  • Gain wisdom and knowledge
  • Removes negative vibes around you and blesses you with name, fame, and success
  • To overcome the financial crisis
  • It protects you from diseases and helps you stays fit and healthy
  • Resolves negative planetary influences
  • Helps you achieve the four Purusharthas—Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha

GaneshaSpeaks Guarantee

  • Shodashopchara and Ganpati Atharvashirsh are important rituals for performing Ganesha Puja, so it is important that it should be performed by Vedic priests who are well-versed in the Vedic scriptures. Ganeshaspeaks has designed the most authentic way of doing puja with the Vedic process and hymns. Also, Puja will be performed by the most knowledgeable Sanskrit nobles/scholars.
  • To ensure that it is done exactly as it is supposed to be, GaneshaSpeaks has created a dedicated team of Pandits for this purpose. This team is headed by a very senior Pandit who plays the role of the “Acharya” or the Head of the Puja to ensure that it is done in accordance with Markandey Purana.

16 reviews for Ganesh Puja

  1. Chakraborty Vimesh

    I recently had the privilege of experiencing a Ganesh pooja with GaneshaSpeaks, and I must say, it was an unforgettable experience. The personalized puja conducted by their Vedic priest was performed with utmost devotion and authencity. I felt a strong connection with the divine, thanks to the Sankalp taken to align the puja with my specific purpose. Highly recommended!

  2. Nandini Nanavati

    I felt this pooja, my son told me we will book this every year , he loved it!!

  3. Deep K

    Good and Genuine Service!

  4. Nandini Nanavati

    I felt this pooja, my son told me we will book this every year , he loved it!!

  5. Pruthvi Patel

    Since a long time me and my family living in a Canada, Celebrating Ganesh Utsav online has become a family tradition for us, and everyone is thoroughly enjoying this online Ganesh puja.

  6. Richard Cook

    This online Ganesh pooja service exceeded my expectations in every way. The pandit’s dedication to their craft was evident, and I felt a deep sense of peace and devotion throughout the ceremony. My connection with Lord Ganesh felt stronger than ever, and I’m immensely grateful for this beautiful experience.

  7. Rahul Sharma

    Celebrating Ganesh Utsav online with this service was a unique and meaningful experience. It’s a wonderful way to uphold tradition while adapting to the modern world.

  8. James Bell

    This online Ganesh pooja service brought the sacred atmosphere of a temple right into my home. The pandit’s chanting was incredibly soothing, and the rituals were performed with great precision. I felt a deep spiritual connection throughout the entire ceremony. It was a heartwarming way to celebrate Ganesh Utsav, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

  9. Patik Patel

    As a busy professional, I often struggle to find time for spiritual activities. Thanks to this online Ganesh pooja service, I was able to honor Lord Ganesh during Ganesh Utsav without any hassle. The convenience of the virtual experience combined with the authenticity of the rituals made it a truly special celebration.

  10. Ruchita Nagar

    I’m so glad I chose this online Ganesh puja for Ganesh Utsav. The blessings I received have brought positivity and prosperity into my life. The service was punctual, professional, and full of devotion. I’m already looking forward to booking another pooja for my next special occasion.

  11. Ram Raina

    Highly recommended for a meaningful and hassle-free celebration.

  12. Oza Dhaval

    Ganesh Utsav made memorable, all thanks to this wonderful online service.

  13. Lakshaman Rai

    Thanks to this online Ganesh pooja, Ganesh Utsav became a truly memorable occasion for me and my family. I’ve already seen positive changes in my life, and I credit it to the divine grace invoked during the pooja. I wholeheartedly recommend this service to others.

  14. Charmi kaur

    Spirituality meets modernity with this beautifully conducted online pooja

  15. Archana Bakshi

    If you’re looking for a genuine and meaningful way to celebrate Ganesh Utsav, I highly recommend GaneshaSpeaks. Their online Ganesh pooja is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The team’s transparency and commitment to Vedic standards ensure an authentic and spiritual experience.

  16. Shivam Nayak

    my parents are aged, they can’t walk properly. i book this pooja for them. they told me that the pooja follows all our rituals, they are very happy.

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  • The puja will be performed in the following manner :-
  • The Acharya will receive details of all the pujas to be performed and will assign your puja to a particular Panditji and schedule it.
  • The designated Panditji will perform only one puja at a time.
  • Your Panditji will receive your details and will study it to create a “Sankalpa” or a Statement of Purpose for the Puja. This is very important since it has to align with your purpose.
  • Just before the Puja starts, a call will be placed to you so that Your Panditji can get you to recite the Sankalpa with him. This marks the beginning.
  • While the Puja is being done, you should try to sit in a quiet corner in your house or in a temple and recite “Om Gang Ganpataye Namah” continuously.
  • At the end of the Puja, Your Panditji will call you again to transfer the positive energy generated during the Puja. This process is known as “Shreya Dana” or “Sankalpa Purti”.
  • This marks the end of the Puja.
  • No. The beauty of this process is that you are not physically required to be present while the Puja is being done.
  • To perform the Puja we need the following from you :-
  • Full Name
  • Gotra (Not Mandatory)
  • Current City of Residence including State, Country, etc.
  • Statement of Purpose - Why are you performing the Puja ?
  • Generally, it takes within 1.5 to 2 hours. To get maximum benefits it is advisable to chant “Om Gang Ganpataye Namah” while your Puja is being performed.
  • We personalise the Puja for you in the following manner :-
  • A dedicated Panditji is allocated to perform your Puja. For 1.5 to 2 hours he performs the Puja only for you.
  • The Statement of Purpose given by you is the basis of the “Sankalpa” which Your Panditji gets you to recite before your Puja begins. This is done over a phone call.
  • At the end of the Puja, you get one more phone call to collect the spiritual energy generated during the procedure. This is known as “Shreya Dana” or “Sankalpa Purti”.
  • The Ganesha Puja is a very powerful process and it generates a considerable amount of positive energy. The strength of your “Sankalpa” or the Statement of Purpose determines how effective it will be. When this Puja is done with full involvement and faith you will get the results within 2 to 3 months.
  • Yes this Puja can be performed regularly primarily for the following purposes :-
  • If the “Sankalpa” or the Statement of Purpose is too big, just one Puja might not be sufficient to give you enough spiritual energy to overcome the obstacles in your path. You might have to repeat the Puja on a monthly basis to get desired results.
  • If the planetary combinations affecting you negatively are too strong, the amount of spiritual energy required is higher and the Puja can be repeated in that case too.
  • If you have significantly huge “dosha” or negative influences by birth, then this Puja done on a monthly basis can work wonders for you.
  • Depending on the situation, It may take a few months before the results start showing, but performing it regularly does create a positive upward spiral for you.
  • Generally speaking, Gemstone and Rudraksha have a lifelong purpose when they are worn. A Puja can have a specific purpose in the short term.
  • The combination of wearing a Gemstone or a Rudraksha and performing a Puja is a very powerful one, especially when you want to achieve a huge goal or want to escape from the negative effects of adverse planetary combinations.
  • Yes, it can help your family members, neighbours, friends, acquaintances in short, EVERYONE. It is however advisable to have one Puja performed for only one person at a time. Otherwise it might not be effective for anyone involved in the process.
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