8 Mukhi Rudraksha Nepali Bead

8 Mukhi Rudraksha Nepali Bead

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Why should I buy a Rudraksh from you?

  • Various websites have flourished on the Internet that sells fake and imitation Rudraksha. Such poor quality Rudraksha is not effective at all and buying it is just a waste of your hard-earned money. Buying Rudraksh from our store ensures that you get an authentic product.
  • The trust and faith that all our customers have in us is our core strength. Hence, we make every effort to provide you best quality, most authentic Rudraksh beads so that you can make the most out of their positivity.
  • GaneshaSpeaks is a One-Stop-Shop for all your Rudraksh requirements, from a single bead to the crystal Rudraksh mala, also available in a pendant form. You can choose the most appropriate type from a variety of Rudraksha available on our website.
  • It is impossible for a common person to determine the authenticity of a Rudraksh. Plus, a Rudraksh needs to be attuned, so you get the maximum benefits

How is your guidance helpful?

  • Our expert astrologers will analyze your Personal Horoscope and find out the issues that you are currently facing. This enables them to suggest the most appropriate Rudraksh for you.
  • As authenticity is ensured, if you buy Rudraksh through our website, you will benefit the most due to its positive impact.
  • You will feel happier, would be closer to your goals, and will feel relieved of your problems. Rudraksh is the powerhouse of positive energies, and wearing the right one will fill you with positivity.
  • Proper use of the suggested Rudraksh shall help you overcome the problems in your life

Rudraksha is traditionally believed to be a part of Lord Shiva's being, but if it is literally translated, Rudra = Lord Shiva; Aksh = eyes/ tears, it means Shiva's tears. Rudraksha is a rare holy bead (it grows naturally, as a plant product; Rudraksha can be found on trees), and it is, as aforementioned, known to represent Lord Shiva. The botanical name of Rudraksha is Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb.

The effects and benefits of Rudrakshas has been documented in various scriptures since ancient times. It is also scientifically proven that Rudraksh have bio-magnetic properties, dipolar nature which invoke and invite good energies. These energies helps you improve your personality, outlook, charisma, character and confidence levels. Also, they bring tranquillity and calmness in your life. In other words, Rudraksh can have a major influence on your psychology and nervous system. So, yes, Rudraksh does work, but how it works is a phenomenon that is difficult to explain.

No, Rudraksh does not cause/ create any negative energy (and, therefore it does not have harmful effects). Primarily, a Rudraksh bead is a symbol of Lord Shiva and represents infinite energy. However, the planets do have an impact on these sacred beads. Nevertheless, the planets do not affect Rudraksh the way they affect Gemstones. Please note that Gemstones are controlled by corresponding specific planets. Rudraksh beads don't have negative side-effects, whereas gemstones can influence adversely, if wrongfully recommended. Different Rudraksh forms have different benefits – so, they are prescribed as per the intensity of a problem or the problem type.

Yes, a Rudraksh and a Gemstone can be used/ worn together as both have unique properties and have different impact. However, it is not advisable that you mix and match any Gemstone and Rudraksh on your own. We suggest that you Talk to An Astrologer and seek his/ her advice about the remedial solutions you should get. Alternatively, you may get the service Remedial Solutions for Personal Problems – wherein, we will tell you the substitute Yantras and additional remedies that you may employ to get benefits.

We suggest that you go to the Talk To An Astrologer section on our website and talk with our astrologers. Let our Astrologers look at your situation, basis your Horoscope, and bring you an answer and a Rudraksh recommendation, if necessary.

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