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Dear Devdutt, the answer to your question is the possibility of settlement of your marriages is strongly indicated till 20th August 2023, as the Dasha of your 5th and 7th lords are in operation. Apart from it, the transit of Rahu 7th to your Moon will also create the position of settlement of your marriage. If in any case unfortunately this time slips, then your marriage would be settled between 29th September 2023 and 25th November 2024.

The basic reason for the delay is the low strength of your 5th and 7th lords, the lord of the house of love prospects and marriage prospects Sun and Venus respectively.

As regards your married life as per your chart, you will have a good and fine married life that needs some effort as a part and parcel to maintain harmony. Jupiter the natural significator of marriage is in conjunction with Ketu, which may affect the understanding level between both of you. So, you must start worshipping Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva not only to get married but for harmony in your married life also.


Your ascendant is Aries, and your ascendant lord Mars is in the 2nd house. Your 7th lord is Venus, placed in the 5th house, in conjunction with the 5th lord Sun and 6th lord Mercury.



The position of Venus in the 5th house with the 5th lord is an auspicious position, which indicates a fine married life. Your married life also needs some effort for maintaining harmony, from both sides as a part and parcel of life . Jupiter has a conjunction with Ketu which also indicates the same. This position of Jupiter in exaltation is a good sign to balance the situations every time. In navansha chart too the aspect Jupiter on the 7th lord is a good position for your married life.  You should worship Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva also.



Your future partner would be a great personality whatever luxury he wants for himself, he will love to arrange the same for you. He will be calm, but he does not want that his partner should think about anything else except his relationship. He wants to turn every matter very smartly and never wants that the respect of his partner should get hurt. For him, emotions are important and beyond everything. He only wants that his beloved should understand his feeling deeply and should be ready to leave anything for him. The depth of his love can be judged only by reciprocating the same intensity of love, which you must keep in mind.


Your future partner would be good-looking, and thin in body stature. He will have long face, beautiful black eyes, broad forehead. He will be very delicate in appearance. He would be a great lover of the beauty and nature of the person both. He will be a creative and emotional person.



There is a strong possibility of your love marriage, or your marriage may settle in a close infinity. Your and your likely partner’s chart should also be matched properly by an experienced astrologer, to avoid further complications.


The possible time of your marriages is strongly indicated till 20th August 2023, as the Dasha of your 5th and 7th lords are in operation. Apart from it, the transit of Rahu 7th to your Moon will also create the position of settlement of your marriage. If in any case unfortunately this time slips, then your marriage would be settled between 29th September 2023 and 25th November 2024.


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Birth Particulars
Gender Female Latitude 9N40
Birth Date 01 Jan 2012 Longitude 80E1
Birth Day Monday Lagna Aries-19:49:19
Birth Time 21:53 hrs Aynamsh 23:43:22
Birth Place Jaffna Division Moon Sign Capricorn
Country Sri Lanka Birth Nakshatra Dhanistha
Timezone 0530 hrs Nakshatra Pada 2
Avakhada Chakra (Your Birth Panchang)
Description: The table shown here contains various astrological terms which are obtained from your own Moon's position. Hence, this table is very useful in Vedic Astrology as it shows your own personalized information. This helps the native to determine the compatibility with others.
Birth Yog Atigand Birth Vasya Kit
Birth Karan Vanij Birth Yoni Simha
Birth Varga Manjar Birth Gana Rakshas
Birth Varna Vaishya Birth Yunja Antya
Birth Tatva Bhumi Birth Nadi Madhya
Ghaat Chakra
Description: As the name suggests, Ghaat literally means negative or inauspicious. This table shows your personalized negative phenomenon of Panchang in which you should take extra care and precaution. Plus, the suggested day, tithi, month, nakshatra etc... should also be avoided to initiate any new or auspicious work.
Month Vaishakha Tithi Shuklachaturdashi
Day Tuesday Nakshatra Rohini
Yog Vaidhruti Karan Shakuni
Prahar Forth MaleMoon Leo
FemaleMoon Scorpio
Lagna Kundali
Lagna Kundali
Nirayan Grah
Grah Rashi-Ansh Nakshatra-Pad Ra Swa Na Swa Awastha
Lagna Aries- 19:49:19 Bharani -2 Mars Venus Vruddha
Sun Leo- 17:11:13 Purvafalguni -2 Sun Venus Yuva
Moon Capricorn- 29:47:36 Dhanistha -2 Saturn Mars Balya
Mars Taurus- 07:50:25 Krutika -4 Venus Sun Vruddha
Mercury Leo- 25:47:30-C Purvafalguni -4 Sun Venus Mruta
Jupiter Ucchano Cancer- 09:38:49 Pushya -2 Moon Saturn Vruddha
Venus Leo- 01:45:08 Magha -1 Sun Ketu Balya
Saturn Sagittarius- 25:17:16 Purvashadha -4 Jupiter Venus Mruta
Rahu Capricorn- 11:44:40 Shravan -1 Saturn Moon Vruddha
Ketu Cancer- 11:44:40 Pushya -3 Moon Saturn Vruddha
Harshal Sagittarius- 11:55:38 Mool -4 Jupiter Ketu Kumar
Neptune Sagittarius- 18:10:57 Purvashadha -2 Jupiter Venus Vruddha
Pluto Libra- 21:41:18 Vishakha -1 Venus Jupiter Vruddha

Moon Chart

Moon Chart


Navamsha Chart
Ashtakavarga Kundli
Ashtakavarga Kundli
Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardashas

Mars (7y) Age -3

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Mars 17 Apr 1987 13 Sep 1987
Rahu 13 Sep 1987 30 Sep 1988
Jupiter 30 Sep 1988 06 Sep 1989
Saturn 06 Sep 1989 15 Oct 1990
Mercury 15 Oct 1990 12 Oct 1991
Ketu 12 Oct 1991 09 Mar 1992
Venus 09 Mar 1992 09 May 1993
Sun 09 May 1993 14 Sep 1993
Moon 14 Sep 1993 15 Apr 1994

Rahu (18y) Age 3

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Rahu 15 Apr 1994 24 Dec 1996
Jupiter 24 Dec 1996 18 May 1999
Saturn 18 May 1999 22 Mar 2002
Mercury 22 Mar 2002 07 Oct 2004
Ketu 07 Oct 2004 25 Oct 2005
Venus 25 Oct 2005 23 Oct 2008
Sun 23 Oct 2008 16 Sep 2009
Moon 16 Sep 2009 17 Mar 2011
Mars 17 Mar 2011 03 Apr 2012

Jupiter (16y) Age 21

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Jupiter 03 Apr 2012 21 May 2014
Saturn 21 May 2014 30 Nov 2016
Mercury 30 Nov 2016 07 Mar 2019
Ketu 07 Mar 2019 11 Feb 2020
Venus 11 Feb 2020 10 Oct 2022
Sun 10 Oct 2022 29 Jul 2023
Moon 29 Jul 2023 26 Nov 2024
Mars 26 Nov 2024 02 Nov 2025
Rahu 02 Nov 2025 26 Mar 2028

Saturn (19y) Age 37

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Saturn 26 Mar 2028 28 Mar 2031
Mercury 28 Mar 2031 03 Dec 2033
Ketu 03 Dec 2033 11 Jan 2035
Venus 11 Jan 2035 11 Mar 2038
Sun 11 Mar 2038 21 Feb 2039
Moon 21 Feb 2039 21 Sep 2040
Mars 21 Sep 2040 30 Oct 2041
Rahu 30 Oct 2041 03 Sep 2044
Jupiter 03 Sep 2044 16 Mar 2047

Mercury (17y) Age 56

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Mercury 16 Mar 2047 10 Aug 2049
Ketu 10 Aug 2049 07 Aug 2050
Venus 07 Aug 2050 05 Jun 2053
Sun 05 Jun 2053 11 Apr 2054
Moon 11 Apr 2054 10 Sep 2055
Mars 10 Sep 2055 06 Sep 2056
Rahu 06 Sep 2056 25 Mar 2059
Jupiter 25 Mar 2059 29 Jun 2061
Saturn 29 Jun 2061 06 Mar 2064

Ketu (7y) Age 73

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Ketu 06 Mar 2064 02 Aug 2064
Venus 02 Aug 2064 02 Oct 2065
Sun 02 Oct 2065 07 Feb 2066
Moon 07 Feb 2066 08 Sep 2066
Mars 08 Sep 2066 04 Feb 2067
Rahu 04 Feb 2067 22 Feb 2068
Jupiter 22 Feb 2068 28 Jan 2069
Saturn 28 Jan 2069 08 Mar 2070
Mercury 08 Mar 2070 05 Mar 2071

Venus (20y) Age 80

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Venus 05 Mar 2071 02 Jul 2074
Sun 02 Jul 2074 02 Jul 2075
Moon 02 Jul 2075 01 Mar 2077
Mars 01 Mar 2077 01 May 2078
Rahu 01 May 2078 29 Apr 2081
Jupiter 29 Apr 2081 27 Dec 2083
Saturn 27 Dec 2083 24 Feb 2087
Mercury 24 Feb 2087 23 Dec 2089
Ketu 23 Dec 2089 22 Feb 2091

Sun (6y) Age 100

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Sun 22 Feb 2091 12 Jun 2091
Moon 12 Jun 2091 12 Dec 2091
Mars 12 Dec 2091 18 Apr 2092
Rahu 18 Apr 2092 12 Mar 2093
Jupiter 12 Mar 2093 29 Dec 2093
Saturn 29 Dec 2093 11 Dec 2094
Mercury 11 Dec 2094 17 Oct 2095
Ketu 17 Oct 2095 22 Feb 2096
Venus 22 Feb 2096 21 Feb 2097

Moon (10y) Age 106

  • Antar
  • Begining
  • Ending
Moon 21 Feb 2097 22 Dec 2097
Mars 22 Dec 2097 23 Jul 2098
Rahu 23 Jul 2098 21 Jan 2100
Jupiter 21 Jan 2100 22 May 2101
Saturn 22 May 2101 21 Dec 2102
Mercury 21 Dec 2102 21 May 2104
Ketu 21 May 2104 20 Dec 2104
Venus 20 Dec 2104 20 Aug 2106
Sun 20 Aug 2106 19 Feb 2107