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  • Ghat Chakra is all about inauspicious timings. There are certain days, tithi’s, nakshatra, etc elements of panchang that are not good for your zodiac sign, all these come under Ghat Chakra. While starting any important task, going on a journey or while deciding the best muhurat for marriage, you should always check Ghat Chakra to avoid misfortune.

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Your personalised Ghat Chakra Report will let you know the inauspicious timings that you must keep in mind before starting new work, making big decisions or going on a journey. Your Free Ghat Chakra report informs you about the inauspicious timings that you should avoid.

The report includes:

  • Ghataka Chandra – The moon transiting in an unfavourable zodiac sign indicating Ghataka or danger
  • Ghataka Day, Month, & Tithi – The unfavourable lunar day or tithi, month indicating danger
  • Ghataka Nakshatra –The inauspicious nakshatra
  • Ghataka Yog & Prahar – Unlucky yog & prahar for you
  • So, while planning any auspicious event, check your Free Personalised Ghat Chakra Report!

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A Ghat Chakra report is a report that provides predictions and insights into the timing of events in a person's life, based on their birth chart and the Ghat Chakra system.

Ghat Chakra is a unique concept in Vedic astrology that provides detailed information on the timing of events in one's life. It is a set of 27 different charts, each representing a specific period of time, also known as "Vimshottari Dasha"

A Ghat Chakra report can help you understand the timing of events in different areas of your life and how it may affect you. It can also provide you with predictions and insights into the potential effects of your Ghat Chakra on your life and help you plan accordingly.

Ghat Chakra reports are prepared by expert astrologers who use traditional techniques and the latest technology to analyze the position of the planets in a person's birth chart and the Vimshottari Dasha system. The report is based on the individual's birth chart and the current running Dasha.

Ghat Chakra reports are usually available once and are based on the individuals birth chart.