TezRatna Zodiac Gems: How Can Be Your Lucky Charm?

TezRatna Zodiac Gems: How Can Be Your Lucky Charm?

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The TezRatna Talisman System is in accordance with your exalted planet and is based on the Vedic-recommended panch-amrita (5-pronged) system.

TezRatna is a practice that has been used for thousands of years in Vedic astrology, and it is believed that wearing the appropriate gemstone can help balance the energies of the individual’s horoscope and promote emotional and physical well-being.

By wearing TezRatna, it is believed that individuals can attract good luck, prosperity, and success in various areas of life, including relationships, career, and health. However, it is important to note that TezRatna is a spiritual practice and should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment or professional advice.


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  • The TezRatna Talisman System for you is in accordance with the exalted planet in your horoscope and is based on the Vedic-recommended panch-amrita (5-pronged) system, including:
    • 3.25 ct / 5.25 ct high-quality gemstone
    • Panchdhatu Gold / Silver coated, nickel-free, lead-free metal
    • Planetary Symbol of your planet
    • Planetary number of your planet
    • Planetary Herb of your planet
  • The package also includes your favourable Graha deity image & the Graha Yantra for you to revere & worship.
  • Only TezRatna offers you an ‘arpan’ stone along with your pendant, to help you propitiate, and ease the anger and disturbance of the paap grahas in your horoscope.
  • Only TezRatna offers you an extensive ready-to-wear rashi-ratna package tailor-made for your life goals, without being expensive.
  • TezRatna has a perfect talisman that will deliver results, even when it’s not possible for you to wear it. Just carry it in your wallet or place it in your regular workspace & it will still work fine.
  • The TezRatna Talisman System also includes your printed Kundali with a detailed guide for wearing and managing your pendant and a link to the audio mantra for the gemstone invocation.
  • TezRatna comes to you, courtesy of GaneshaSpeaks – an astro-wellness brand that’s trusted by millions, for over 2 decades now.

4 reviews for TezRatna Zodiac Gems: How Can Be Your Lucky Charm?

  1. Karan

    These Astro Charm TezRatnas are so lovely. I bought two as gifts and they were happily received. I will probably order more! Each one comes in a pretty little box too.

  2. Divya

    Everything from the packaging to the TezRatna itself, is gorgeous. This is exactly the style I wanted. And arrived much sooner than I expected, even better!

  3. Neha

    When I saw the Zodiac Pendant at GaneshaSpeaks, I knew it was exactly what I needed. When you turn to look at it, you find yourself drawn to this beautiful design. It’s simple, elegant, and perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful Zodiac Pendant.

  4. Riya

    I was really going through a bad phase, and then one of my friends suggested to me a good fortune pendant at GaneshaSpeaks. And it literally helped me a lot, and the situation gradually started improving. Thank you so much!

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No, you can keep it in your wallet, handbag, or purse. The effectiveness of TezRatna will remain the same.

Yes, it is necessary to consult an expert Astrologer to find the TezRatna which is suitable for you and which will bring enormous good luck charm in your life based on your birth chart.

Don't worry. As part of our quality control process, we ensure that the product is delivered to you in perfect condition. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions section for details on our Return/Replacement Policy.
  • TezRatna Talisman is designed to encapsulate and address every possible angle that can influence the ascendant planet in your horoscope. It is believed that with your ascendant planet boosted, you can easily achieve your life and career goals, and positively impact all the parameters that can enhance your quality of life, in your personal and professional sphere.
  • The TezRatna package also comes with an "Arpan" stone to be given away in charity, and this is believed to lessen the effects of all the malefic planets in your horoscope. This effectively ensures that the negativity coming through such planets is controlled and kept to a minimum, resulting in a better standard of well-being and happiness for you.
  • The TezRatna package also contains the image, mantra and yantra of your favourable Graha deity, which is available to you in a format that can be worshipped and cherished on an ongoing basis, helping you to connect better with your ascendant planet.
Product Weight Average:
1] 3.25 ct Pendant - 8.70 gms
2] 5.25 ct Pendant - 13.00 gms

Thread length - 18 inches
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