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Find janma nakshatra for absolutely FREE and get valuable information, the way your Janma Nakshatra / Birth Star influences your personality and determines the course of your life. Knowing your Birth Star is of prime importance which is absolutely based on date of birth. If you are keen to use the power of Vedic astrology to transform your life, find your nakshatra by filling the basic details such as name, date of birth, birth time and birth place and get detail birth star report using this absolutely Free Nakshatra Calculator.

Your Birth Star Calculator Will

  • 1.Help to find your Nakshatra or Birth star name.
  • 2.Let you understand the meaning of your nakshatra and their traits.
  • 3.Help to find rashi nakshatra (moon sign).
  • 4.Identify your birth tithi.

Additional Information About Your Nakshatra

In addition to the information about your Nakshatra, get to know your nakshatra padam, lucky color and auspicious alphabets that are based on your Janma Nakshatra, all absolutely free.

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